Thank Goodness for Clouds

July 21, 2014

Hello those who know and don't know me,

As usual, I feel there isn't too much to report on, as far as details. Still, there are a few people I'll talk about, because, you know, I am a missionary, and talking to people is what I do.

We are teaching a 10 year old, Gunner, right now. It's really helping me to learn to teach even more simply. His mom is supportive, though doesn't share her beliefs so she doesn't affect Gunner's decisions. He shows awesome understanding, and accepted to be baptized if he learns the Book of Mormon is true. Our challenge is going to be fellow shipping him. We want to bring kids with us, which might be a little hard, though we have to do it before school starts again! We are hoping for the best.

We are also teaching another family that is similar to the situation of one of my converts, Bobby (remember him, he was the Atheist that got baptized in Redlands). He believes in God, but not in Christ or in organized religion. He thinks it takes away from the important things. Why have all of these fancy shamncy rituals, in all religions, when we should focus on worshiping God? He's partially right. I would say that we should never let the culture, people, or the occasional politics get in the way of our salvation. If you get offended or confused, think about the sole reason you go to church, and then keep going. I have seen so many people who got offended, and then stopped going. Don't do that!! So yes, in that aspect, the man-created parts of organized religion is occasionally distracting. The God-given parts, however, are not. That's what we should focus on. Baptism and partaking of the Sacrament are important because, in all simplicity, God said so."I made this my rule- when the Lord commands, do it." - Joseph Smith 
So yeah. He is a great investigator, and wants to know. It's the desire to change, though, that will get people.

Pray that all the missionaries investigators will keep commitments. That's how we help build their faith, and help them receive answers to their prayers.

Thanks for all that you all do! I am loving the mission, and hope that I will be able to write more next week. 

Elder Summerhays


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