Hills + Golf Course = Yucaipa

My new companion Elder Ashcraft

July 14, 2014

Hello those who don't have to bike up and down hills to share the gospel,

No longer am I in the city of San Bernardino. Here I am, in the city of Yucaipa. I started out in this stake when I was in Beaumont. It's nice to be back to a familiar-ish area. A lot of the members know people I know from the Oak Valley ward, and even Redlands! There are so many hills here. It's pretty much a bunch of hills on one giant hill. I live at the top of the hill, out of my ward boundaries, so it's a lot of biking to get in our area, and especially to navigate it. It may have taken years and years, but I know have a great appreciation for the grid system. That doesn't exist here, so it's going to take me a while to learn the area. So far so good, though.
My new companion is Elder Ashcraft! He is from American Fork, UT. There goes my mission-long pattern of having a companion not from UT, then one from UT, and repeat. Two UTs in a row. I'm not complaining, though. 
God watches over me and my bike! When I arrived, I just had my broken bike. I broke the crank on it a few week prior, so when I had to start using it again, I just used it as a glorified scooter. Rode it down hill, walked up hill. Eventually, we meet a member, who's husband is not a member. They see my bike, and say I can borrow their bike, which was seldom used anyway. Back in business. 

I just started the Book of Mormon over again, and decided to keep a study journal of every thought I have when I read. I have felt super inciteful these past few days with it! The first chapters of the Book of Mormon are filled with so many things that can be missed over if just simply read. I feel like a cross-referencing master! There is so much to be learned! For example, Laman and Lemuel talk about how they are not sure how God can deliver them from the wicked King Laban, since he can "command fifty, yea, even slay fifty." They forgot that God is God! It's similar to tithing. Some may think "How can God deliver me from this financial burden? Doesn't he know my rent is due, and I won't be able to pay my tithing?" We sometimes forget that God is God. Is God greater than man? Yes. Greater than money? Most definitely. So what are we worried about? We must exercise faith like Nephi, and go and do. "Wherefore, let us be faithful to him." No wonder Laman and Lemuel were afraid, because they forgot the greatness and grandeur of God. Do not forget the greatness of God.

Loving life!  Approaching my 18 month mark! I feel so old...

Be Strong!
Elder Summerhays
​Elder Ashcraft and I doing service for an investigator.
 Can you tell who worked the hardest?


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