Good Bye, San Bernadino

July 7, 2014

Hello those who probably can't fit all of there belongings in two suitcases (and a couple bags),

That's right. I am leaving the San Bernardino 4th ward. I am going to.....
the Yucaipa 3rd ward! I have heard some great things about the ward. Plus, it's in the Yucaipa Stake, which is where I started out! So I am sure I will run into some people from Beaumont. I will miss the 4th ward. It was a fantastic ward. The people could really love people. Members, wherever you are, do your best to not be, or even appear to be, judgmental, and show love to all. Fellowship is a part of the doctrine of the Church, and we must all do it-- because it's good for us and others, and God said so. So there.

This week has been pretty decent. I feel that we have worked hard. The fact that people don't like to keep commitments makes it a bummer. Maybe we aren't committing people with enough Spirit or conviction. Either way, it's always a bummer not to see people at church or at home when they said they would be. It kind of makes for a slow week, but it also makes one think and rely on the Spirit. The times that I do, I feel blessed and accomplished. It gives the week the little highlights it needs to make you feel like a missionary. 
One morning, we decided to walk. So we walked and walked. We saw an older couple sitting in their awesome front lawn. A western/hot rod theme. We started talking to them, and I used the knowledge of cars that I had (thank you, Top Gear) to talk with him. It was really interesting, and really cool. I found the perfect opportunity to segue into religion, and almost immediately he shoots it down, saying "No, it's okay. We like you just the way you are, you don't need to tell us about it, because we won't change. We have had some bad experiences with your religion." I got really bummed. What seemed like it was going to be a great contact, seemed to turn 180 degrees. Then he mentioned that his daughter wouldn't go to his mother's funeral because it wasn't of her faith, the faith that he thought he were, which he had come to dislike. I got a little confused, verified, and then told him that we weren't of that faith, and that we were "Mormons." "Mormons?! In that case, it's great to meet you! We love Mormons!" They told us about how they worked at a hospital that was on the downhill, then Mormons came and treated people nice, paid nice, and fixed it up. Good job, members! They gladly accepted a Book of Mormon, and said they would read it and let us know if they have any questions. 

So the Spirit is good! The Church is good! The Gospel is good! Be good, whoever you are. I hope I get to have the same, if not better, great experiences I have had here. Hopefully I will get to come back to some baptisms if all goes well. 

Love you all,

Elder Summerhays


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