Almost July

June 30, 2014

Hello people who have just experienced time travel,

Today, I have been out 17 months. What?! It's almost July, which is strange because Easter was yesterday.

Missionary work can be funny sometimes. Sometimes, you are on fire: everyone is home and answers their door, investigators keep commitments, and it's 75 degrees. It was not one of those weeks. It was spotted with good experiences though, guided by the Holy Ghost. For example, while on exchanges with an Elder Teisina, we decided to walk to our dinner appointment. We walked past a lady sitting on her porch, not really talking to her. I felt guilty, but kept on walking. Then a prompting and an idea came to mind. We walked back, and I asked her if she knew of anyone who was in need of help, physically or spiritually (don't get your hopes up, no new investigators). She said no, then called for her husband, asking if he knew. He came out saying "It's okay, we are not interested.", not really answering the question. By the end of our conversation, they had a card with our number on it in case they ever needed help or had any more questions about the Church, leaving them both with smiles on their faces (and ours), being representatives of Christ.

It's those little experiences that remind me that God is there, and that we should really listen to those little promptings that we sometimes brush off. 

Another good highlight of the week was due to one of my favorite things: meetings! All the district leaders, and some other elders, had a conference, talking about our duties, and some ways to increase the productivity in our district. The theme, if you can call it that, was having every number supported by a name. Having the district know about everyone's investigators. We don't just set mindless goals, but have a child of God to back each of those people up, so we focus on people, not numbers. If we love the investigators, we will automatically do all we can to help them reach baptism, and if we simply love, we will (almost) automatically keep the commandments. 

Transfers are next week. I wonder what will happen. As long as I get to teach, I'm happy. 

Elder Summerhays

Me, edging with a weed whacker like a pro.
A beginner pro.

Elder Smith and Elder Langi.
Working hard, and hardly working.


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