I Love Meetings!

 May 12, 2014

Hello those who don't have eight hour missionary meetings! 

 Yeah, had one last week with the Head of the Missionary Department, and another one this week with the San Bernadino missionaries and the mission president.  I learn so much when we get together and get motivated me so much, I love it!

 Not much to report on that would mean much to you guys. iPads are a high possibility in the near future. Planning is everything. Teach simply.

 A couple funny experiences during the conference: Brother Hemingway (the Head of the Miss. Dept.) came to me (asking me to read a scripture), and saw my name tag. "Summerhays. Are you a golfer?" "Yes." "Are you related to the Summerhays golfers?" "Yep!" "We should go golfing sometime. Just kidding, you have to work." Then, Brother Gonzoles (a manager in the miss. dept.) was talking about developing skills, such as teaching, planning, etc. "For example, a hobby of mine is magic..." About half of the missionaries in the meeting all turned and looked at me, including President and Sister Van Cott. When he sat down, and I saw Sis Van Cott talk to him, saying "Elder Summerhays over there is a professional magician." He looked over, I waved, and he smiled. I showed him some things afterwards. It was fun. :)

Mothers Day highlight!
 Highlight of the week: Got to talk with the Family!!!! It was great. Glad to hear that animationchefs.com is doing awesome! I can't wait to see where it goes! All my brothers are tall and have deep(er) voices. Time flies.

 I celebrated Mexican Mother's day with a counselor in the ward. Because our dinner appointment canceled,  we knocked on a few doors and then decided to stop by this counselors home. "Elders! Come on in! Do you want to eat?" Pff, what kind of question is that? Elders? Eating? Just kidding, even for elders, there is a limit. For example, on Mother's day, after Skyping, the family whose home we were at made us lunch. It just happened to be three of my favorite foods. Salmon, Artichokes, and Creme Brulee, which she did at a half-joking request of mine last time I was at their home when I saw their bowls and torches. It was awesome. 
Skyping with the family
 I can't wait for this week.  More meetings, using planning techniques that are amazing (and in Preach My Gospel), and just feeling the Spirit is something to look forward to! Going forth in MIGHTY prayer and GREAT faith!
 Elder Summerhays 
 P.S. Quote of the Week: "It's so hot, it will humble you." - E. Langi, talking about a brand of hot sauce


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