Highs and Lows

May 26, 2014

Hello my fellow friends, family, and other (if you are not my friend, feel free to become one),

HUGE grasshopper guarding the church
This week has had some highs and lows. I don't have as long to email since the libraries were closed yesterday for Memorial day. So here are some events:

-I am staying in San Bernardino with Elder Frost for yet another transfer! This will be an eventual total of 4 months together. Our Zone Leaders, E. Smith and E. Langi are also staying together, and will have been 6 months. A lot of other people are staying too. So we must be doing something right. Or we need to learn something. I will go with both.
-While standing on a corner of a busy street, making some calls, a lady stopped and got out of her car, came over to us, and basically asked for us to teach her. She was going through some difficulties, had met with missionaries before, and felt that she should stop. It was awesome. Our follow up appointment didn't work out, but I am excited to start teaching her.
-I had a delicious dinner with some investigators, and taught them the Restoration. It was great. They really wanted to learn about the Plan of Salvation next, but we told them next time. Leave them wanting more. :)
-I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. On what? The Message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I got a lot of really good compliments. And one "complaint"... because I made them cry. :) It was really awesome. The more you share your testimony, the stronger it gets, and I can testify of that. Share it with every one.

-The Low? Well, it seems that I have developed a horrible habit ever since the start of my mission. I never really considered my self a forgetful person, but I have misplaced, lost, or had stolen so many things on my mission, and now, unfortunately, it's time to add to the list. My backpack got stolen out of the back of a truck while we popped inside the mission office. So in front of a church. I went to grab it when I emailed last week, and there was nothing to grab. The other elder's stuff was fine. There goes all of my notes, camera, sd cards, scriptures, the backpack, a few magic tricks, a flash drive, sd card reader, some lint, a hymn book, and my dignity. Okay, I still have some dignity left.
My companion attempted to kill a fly that landed on my flower.  Flower mangled, fly unharmed.

First thunder and lightening I have seen here.  Intense.
So yeah, it's been a fun week. I am excited to work hard this transfer! Keep me in your prayers as always. It's getting pretty hot...

Strengthen your faith! Be obedient! Love one another!

Elder Summerhays


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