Felt an Earthquake Finally


March 31,  2014           

Hello those who most likely didn't feel the ground move unexpectedly,

Yep. I was on exchanges, leaning against the kitchen sink in the apartment, eating a cupcake we got from a member over the sink. Then the sink moved and started making noises. I thought the garbage disposle was all out of wack, but then everything else started shaking for about seven seconds. Yep, while I have been "through" many earthqukes on my mission that I did not know happened, this is the first one that I actually felt. It was a 5.1. I have 10 months left on my mission, which means there's a good chance I will feel at least one more while still here.

I forgot my journal, so this will be from memory. Hopefully I do my week justice, since it was pretty good. We taught a personal record high 27 lessons this week. I was on exchanges for about 10 of them, but they were still taught in my area, so I will still take the credit.

Another small world factoid. After talking to a member (who is related to family friend Ben Behunin in Utah), I learned that an old member in our ward was from Annabella. After finally meeting him at church, I learn that he is my 1st cousin twice removed. He looks like a Roberts. Small(ish) world. 

We started teaching Kenny's nurse. We asked if she was enjoying the pamphlets that we left her to read to him. He said "I don't know, let me ask". Then he called her and said that two men wanted to talk to her. It caught us off guard, but we started teaching her, she was very open, and wants to come to church. Good job Kenny!

Church is always good here. Our bishop really slammed down hard on hometeaching, due to some events that could have been prevented or helped if appropriate home teaching had been done. DO YOUR HOME/VISITING TEACHING!!!! It is how God has designed to help his kingdom grow and stay strong. Be a part of your familes' lives! Bless them! Show them a magic trick! One time, in doing some "search and rescue" for a ward, we knocked on a door. "Hi, are Sally and John home?" "Sally is sleeping." "Oh, okay. How about John?" "He died last year." "OH, OKAY. We will make a note." Yep. If the home teachers were there, maybe they could have played a part in comforting the family, or something like that. Do your home teaching! And love others. Always do that too.

Well, I have racked my brain. Just a lot of teaching, biking, and walking in the rain one day. And clearing out a hoarder's home on exchanges. That was fun.

Yep, that was my week. Hope to hear from you all! Love you all,

E. Summerhays


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