Happy 20th Birthday

February 10, 2014

Hello people who have birthdays,
I never thought I would be 20 years old. It's strange. I don't feel 20. I'm not even sure what 20 is supposed to feel like. I am grateful for members here, though, making my birthday awesome. Thank you to the people that wrote me letters!!!! Big shout out to the Danbury Ward!!!! It really made my birthday the best it could have been. 
Sorry there was no email on Monday. We are going to the temple today, so they switched our P-Day to today.

Anyway, this week has been pretty good. We have been having some great lessons with Nacho. During once of the lessons, a friend of the family's stopped by with her daughter, doing a survey for a science project. We had to identify all 8 planets and the sun based on a mock solar system. Nacho got 50% percent. E. Treanor, myself, and Nacho's 8 y.o. son got 100%. Yep, still smart. Nacho has made some awesome progress. He is all set to be baptized on Feb 23rd. He just needs and interview. Nacho is probably the most eager person I've met as far as wanting to be baptized. He has quite a lot of things, and has taken up a lot of good things. His actions truly show his desire to be baptized. I'm glad I have the privilege to harvest the seed that has been growing for the past 11 years Nacho has been meeting with the missionaries on and off. From what he has told us, he is now a totally different person from what he used to be. It's amazing. Also, he wants to baptize his son who is 8, once he has received the priesthood. It's going to be awesome.
Jesse is well on his way, too. He got interview a few days ago, and is all set. We will be setting up the program with him soon. He, too, will be baptized on the 23rd. I have heard having two investigators baptized at the same time is an amazing experience. I can't wait. 
We picked some lemons at member's home. It started to rain (finally!!!! All of California fasted for rain. It rained a bunch in other places that needed it. We got a nice little sprinkle), so we went inside for cookies. :) Biking, though, with cookies in your stomach, isn't too fun.  Especially when you are biking to dinner - and from dinner.  I thought I was going to explode right there on the bike. I am still in one piece, though.
I wish other people were as easy and ready to teach and be baptized as Jesse and Nacho have been. Now that I think about it, though, all the people that I have had the honor in seeing be baptized have been easy and ready to teach. Those are the people that we are looking for. Those who aren't ready yet, we are just preparing them for the next missionaries who will have the privilege of harvesting the seeds we have planted, just as we have.
Keep doing your missionary work in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ! There are so many people out there that don't even know that Jesus can help them in their darkest points in life, and it's our job, as those with that special knowledge, to share it with everyone. As our mission president always tells us, "Go forth with GREAT faith and MIGHTY prayer!"
Elder Summerhays    


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