November 18, 2013

Hello Humanoids (and others),

This week got progressively better and better. For starters, we have a new investigator! His name, is Joe Smith. Yep. I do have righteous intentions, but I think it would be a plus to be able to say I baptized Joseph Smith on my mission. We have only had one lesson with him, but he is super interested. Seeing him this week. 
At first we were at a loss of what to do. A fun experience we had in trying to find stuff to do was when we knocked on a member's door, and he wasn't home. I felt the prompting to go knock on his neighbor's door, which I didn't really want to, which meant I really had to knock on the door. So we did. She yelled through the door that it was a Catholic household, and that they weren't interested. I felt that I could have handled it a little better, and felt kind of down. Right after stopping and trying to figure out what to do, the member drives up on his motorcycle! We had a good lesson and discussed teaching his non-member wife. If we didn't knock on the door, we would have left, and wouldn't have been there when he pulled up. 
We FINALLY had another lesson with our recent converts, Sabrina and Andrew. She has been so busy with her new job, and frankly is horrible at texting back, we never got around to arranging anything. We finally did, though, and had a great lesson. Andrew, who is nine, is a pretty smart kid. After explaining it, he was able to repeat back how the succession in the church happens, and how all the apostles are "prophets", one just has the active keys. Smart cookie. 
Then we had an amazing lesson with Bobby, who grew up Atheist, but has been taking the lessons for a couple of years because he knows how important it is to his member wife. We watched Holland's talk on faith, and the Spirit took over from there. So far, no miraculous realizations from Bobby, but he is making progress little by little. This Saturday, he is going to teach us a lesson from Preach My Gospel. Hopefully, after having studied it, he will recognize the spirit in his lesson on how to recognize the spirit. It should be awesome. 
We FINALLY had a lesson with Adrian, our busy-band friend. He says his band (Assuming We Survive-- good stuff, check it out) has won 5 out of the 5 major band competitions in California. I asked him if there were any more, and he said that there was one to win a trip to Hawaii, but they had won all the things that they had won this year and figured they should let other bands win. He's cool. We taught him the Restoration in five minutes, and I could feel the spirit. He is genuinely interested, he is just busy. He is taking the Book of Mormon with him on tour, though-- he told us that, we didn't "challenge" him or anything. We are excited. 
Then, the highlight of the week was the mission conference which we had. Pres. Van Cott returned from a mission president seminar ran by E. Ballard in Oregon a couple week ago, and so he was ready to share. He had the area authority, the mission presidency, a couple stake presidents and a couple counselors, his wife, and himself speak. It was really, really, good. So much spirit, inspiration and motivation received from that conference (it was eight hours long, so something should have been received). 
A small plus: I did a double take, and realized that a friend from BYU is visa waiting in my mission! So that's fun

Later that a night, a homeless kid approached us and basically said he believes the Book of Mormon more than the Bible, and wants to come to church with us. So that was cool. While he didn't show up to the meeting spot which we had determined, we did get to talk to a guy, and have a potential lesson with him, so it was not totally in vain. Hopefully we see the kid again. 

So, that has been my crazy week. We have another crazy week planned ahead of us. Teaching and finding by the spirit needs to play a huge roll. Hoping for the best. 

Elder Summerhays


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