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January 21, 2014

Dear people who are enjoying colder weather than I,

This week has been crazy, and I am not sure where to begin, except by saying I have finally got the hang of writing "2014" in my journal. So, a couple highlights of the week:After having met with missionaries for a couple years, Bobby has finally decided to be baptized, and has chosen the date of February 1st! It's super awesome!  It's been a lot of fun teaching him, and I look forward to teaching him even more. Which reminds me, we learned our transfer stuff. I am staying with Elder Treanor for yet another 6 weeks!  I will have been in Redlands for about 7.5 months at the end of this go.   Wednesday was an awesome day.  We had our interviews with our mission president, which I always love. I'm not sure how much President Van Cott loves it, I probably ask the most questions! (Don't worry, he already said he loves it. I joke. Haha.) Since there were a couple scheduling conflicts, it was just me and Elder Bushman left in the church; Elder Treanor and Elder Taylor went to go give someone a blessing. So, since we didn't have a car, Elder Bushman and I decided to start walking. As we walked, Pres. and Sister Van Cott stopped us in their car, and told us to hop in, so we did. I will sum up our experience in what Pres. Van Cott said: "A full moon and milkshakes with your mission president, what more can you ask for?". So yeah, that was fun. We eventually met up with the other missionaries at our dinner appointment, which was actually at Bobby's. Pres. Van Cott came in to say hello and congratulated him. Bobby's baptism will probably be the highest attending baptism of all time.

The adult session of stake conference was really good. I hope the stake stays pumped for missionary work. We learned that the apostle that is visiting our mission on March 15th (I forget if I mentioned that. If not, surprise! We get to meet with an apostle!) is also going to meet with our stake! So, if I am still in Redlands for another transfer (which is unlikely, but who knows), I will get to hear an apostle speak two days in a row! Either way, it's going to be awesome. The Sunday session of stake conference was really good. I had never heard of these regional broadcasts, but that's what happened for all of So-Cal this past weekend. Elder  Arnold, Sister Burton, Elder  Anderson, and Elder Eyring spoke. All were really good talks, focused on missionary work, especially in the family. 

I am loving the work here, and am really excited to stay here. I am sorry I haven't been taking pictures, but there hasn't been much to take. I will stage a few things, just for you guys. :)
I will be hitting my year mark (my "mission birthday") on Jan. 30th, in just a little over a week, and then my actual birthday on Feb 9th! Fun fun fun.
Love you all, read the scriptures, and be charitable!

Elder Summerhays


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