A Good Solid Week

January 13, 2014

Hello Everyone,

This has been a good week. Investigators found, teaching done, and overall good experiences. I will start off by mentioning two very important events:
1. I got my Christmas package! The other night, I realized that I hadn't prayed and asked God to deliver my package. I even asked for it to come "tomorrow", then felt a little silly about it. Lo and behold, it arrived the next day. Nearly a month late because of weather in the East coast and lack of it being a "Priority" to the post office, I finally got it. Loving the satchel. The cheese was a little moldy, but I cut around it and ate nearly the whole block for breakfast. Gouda is so good! Thanks, family!
2. We learned that on March 15th, a member of the Quorum of the Seventy AND a member of the Quorum of the Twelve is visiting our mission WOOHOO! Either our mission is apostate, or really good. We won't know who till a week or so prior to the actual conference, but WOOHOO!
We got in a lot of lessons this week. WE have been consistently teaching at least 20 lessons to members, less-actives, and investigators. It's been great. One day I accidentally left my helmet in the other elders' car. Since we can't ride bikes without helmets, we just walked. I was so tired. Yes, I have been working out, but man,  I have been the biggest little piggy this past week!
I was thinking about my mission as a whole the other day, and I figure, that right now, I am at the peak of my mission. As far as teaching, knowing doctrine, talking with people, knowing how to work with people, and being obedient, I feel I am at my best.  Sure, I will continue learning, and with a whole year to go I can only do better , but I am on fire! Well, maybe just a little flame, but nonetheless on fire!
Bobby, who grew up without religion, and has been meeting with the missionaries for the past couple years, and has been living with his active-member wife for about 8 years, has made a break through. We read D&C 20:37, which outlines the qualifications for baptism. We established that he wants to be baptized, that he qualifies for it, and all that is left to do is to actually do it!  We suggested he and his wife to pick and pray about a date. We meet with them tomorrow. Hopefully they have made a decision. We will work with them on strengthening faith until then.
Today we have interviews with our mission president.  I'm excited. It's always these little spiritual boosts that get me going.
Thanks again for everything! Loving the mission and the Janurary weather!

Elder Summerhays

We collected 
bottles for 6 months. Not sure how many there were, how much they weighed, but we got $28 out of it. Oh, and I am wearing my empty stocking. They were quite comfy. 
Finally, a satchel!  Goodbye backpack!

Christmas package lost in New Jersey for two weeks finally arrives!


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