December 2, 2013

Hello Dear Offspring of God,
This week has been slower than others, but not slow. Thanksgiving took a toll on our work slightly, but we are back on track! Thanksgiving was great. I will pay for it  next week. Lots o' food!  I had TWO! Thanksgiving dinners, since a family had a late one on Friday

My companion and I helped out with a food drive for the poor before Thanksgiving. We sorted boxes, expired jelly, and made sure every box had some gravy, among other things. It was fun. We may help Family Services again with Christmas. Later that day, after a wonderful dinner all our evening appointments fell through and we were at a loss of what to do. We prayed, traveled, prayed, and traveled some more. E. Weaver felt inspired to knock on a door, so we did. No one answered. We are going back another time. It was brutal, just trying to figure out what to do. Eventually we biked to a park, and sat on a bench. I was about to make a phone call, when a stranger came out of no where and attacked us!!! Just kidding, a stranger did approach us and asked our names and thanked us  for the work that we do. We talked to him were able to teach him the greater part of the Restoration. He is moving to Redlands to get away from his druggy friends. No immediate potential, but we have his number, and will contact him in the future. If we had just given up and gone home, we wouldn't have been able to be in the right place at the right time. We wouldn't have been able to give him a Book of Mormon, and to plant a seed. God tests our faith. It's sometimes super hard, but worth it in the end. I just hate waiting. I must learn more patience!!!!! :)
In our ward, there was this elderly that we never met, but have been trying to for a couple weeks. We talked to her on the phone a couple times, trying to figure out a time to meet. We finally do set up a time. We go there, no answer. We were disappointed. We learned a few days later that SHE DIED!!! Sadly, the police found her in her house, dead. This is the third elderly lady in our ward that has passed away in the past month. One we were happy we knew, the other was like this situation: we never got to met her despite our efforts to visit a few times without success, then dead. So yeah, I am being a little more careful with visiting older women in the ward. 

The highlight of the week was sacrament meeting. We had three less actives show up to church, one of which is on his way to returning to church. Both Precious and Paul bore their testimonies on the journey they have been on, and how the gospel has changed their lives. Both cried. I cried. It was awesome. I saw a tear on one of our less actives that is returning to church, so I know something hit him.( Either the Spirit, or dust in his eye). It was great. I am super excited for the baptism of Precious and her children this weekend.

I love the gospel. The mission takes a little extra effort than normal life, and sometimes it gets super hard. Christ didn't say it would be easy. He said it would be worth it. 

Keep on studying the scriptures and being good Christians!

Elder Summerhays


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