A long but eventful week...

November 25, 2013

Hello People!!!!
There is so much to talk about. Let's begin. 
I would say "I don't know what we were thinking", but we did think, and it was a good idea. We decided to leave our bikes at home, and walk all day. Everywhere. I guesstimate we walked about eight or so miles that day. At least!  We talked with a whole bunch of people, and ended the day with a really good lesson with someone we thought we were going to have to drop. Good stuff. We packed a lunch that day. I wish I had a picture of the soggy bag I took out of my bagback. It smells like mayo now. :)
It rained a whole bunch. We couldn't cross the street because of the river.
 A member we ran into drove us across.

I got sick. I credit it to not washing my hands before eating when we walked everywhere. While my throat hurted a bunch, I got to enjoy a deep "sexy man" voice for a week. I could also do a pretty a good Pres. Monson impersonation during that time. I am better now. Stop worrying, Mom. :)

A wonderful highlight of the week. We have been teaching Bobby, who has been meeting with the missionaries for a few years. His wife is an awesome member. Bobby grew up atheist, BUT is more active than some members. For the sake of his wife, he started taking the lessons. He simply wants to know. The other night, I had the strong prompting to do the following. We all got down and kneeled, and each said an audible prayer, asking that Bobby would recieve a sign, or something. The spirit was strong. While an angel didn't come down, and Bobby doesn't believe yet, he said his first, out-loud prayer, and it was wonderful. I cried (still a man, though). I think he will just figure it out one day. No tears. No being brought down to his knees. Just a simple realization. 
Church the following day was super good. A baby blessing, two farewell talks, and Paul got the Aaronic Preisthood so he can baptize his family next weekend. That about sums it up. 'Twas wonderful. 

A lot more happened, but it's more meaningful to me. Just know that stuff is happening, people are opening up, and more teaching is being done. For those members of the Church that read this letter, please step up your game on your missionary work. Just INVITE people. That's all God asks. If you invite because you love them, all will be well. Agency will take it's course, but their choice won't be your fault. Invite them into your gospel centered homes, and they will ask questions. The church won't grow unless it has it's active members doing their part. 

For those non-members of the LDS church, please visit www.mormon.org and take a look. I promise you will like what you see. :)

Love you all, thanks for the Fall letters and packages! Keep the love coming! As our mission president mentions in everyone of his letters to us, exersize GREAT faith and MIGHTY prayer. Stuff will happen. 

Elder Summerhays

We made cookies for the members! Delivered them "ding-dong-ditch" style


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