This was an odd week. 

It was not has productive has I had hope it to be, but we had some good moments. For P-Day, we went to the President Van Cott's house. I played pool (and won both times), and had Pres. Van Cott's 7 y.o. on my team, who was surprisingly good. He showed me a "magic trick" that he learned by flicking a coin into his sleeve. Played some piano, talked to Sister Van Cott, and sang happy birthday to E. Barker and ate brownies. Fun day.

Had a really good experience with Paul, our "re-investigating" friend. At the end of our lesson, he requested that I give him a blessing. This surprised even his wife, since Paul only asked his dad for blessings regarding anything. He just had some decisions that he needed some extra help on. So I gave him a blessing. While doing so, I had a strong prompting to mention the importance of the word of wisdom. One of those "I should not mention that right now, it's a bad idea, but the Spirit is too strong and I can't deny it", so I told him that if he want's clarity to receive answers to his prayers, he needs to follow it. I forget what else I said, but we had a lesson with them last night, and has said he has had no desire for coffee ever since the blessing. Wonderful little miracle. We watched Elder Holland's past two conference talks, which blew them away. Precious said she doesn't understand how people don't stand up and start clapping after his "Lord, I Believe" talk.

Then some fun stuff. I went on exchanges with the zone-leaders one day. We were waiting in the ward building's court yard, waiting for an investigator to show up so we could give him a church tour. The zone-leader get's a call from an AP. All of our plans switch around, because he had to be emergency transferred to my last zone, and E. Rosa (who has been both my district leader and zone leader) came here. Just some happy-fun-recent-convert troubles. Nothing major. So we said good bye to a bunch of people, and still some how got five lessons in. I loved being in a car.

Conference was amazing. I would have to agree with Pres. Monson, that it was one of the most spiritual conferences ever. I loved Uchtdorf's and Holland's talks (as usual), and especially the "exclamation point" guy. Can't wait for the Ensign!

With the boost of G.C., I am going to work harder and more efficiently this week. We are going to find investigators, teach a whole bunch, and just be so busy we don't have time to breath. Keep praying for me, and keep sending me letters! :)

E. Summerhays


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