October 28, 2013

Dear people that don't have to worry about transfer calls,

This week has been an amazing one. No, I didn't have any shotgun baptisms or near death experiences, but just the guidance and counsel that has been given has been awesome. 

First and foremost, Elder William H. Walker visited the mission. All the missionaries went in a line and shook his, his wife's, Pres. Van Cott's, and Sister Van Cott's hand. Elder. Walker was recently in CT (for the new temple in Hartford!!!!). He asked if I was related to the golfers, and I said yes. Turns out he played with Bruce Summerhays just a month ago. Small world.  We heard talks from him and his wife, Pres. and Sister Van Cott, and a couple stake presidents that were attending. It was great. No blood and thunder doctrine revealed, but awesome counsel regarding how to be better, more efficient servants of God. Some great stuff. We were there for about four hours. As a cherry on top, the church building it was in was in Beaumont! My first area!  So I got to ride memory lane.  I didn't realize what a crazy large bike area that was compared to the one I am in now.

The next day or so, we were blessed to have an amazing lesson with some investigators we hadn't seen for a while along with some good people fellowshipping them. It was an awesome lesson. Lots of questions were asked and answered. I can't wait to teach them again!

We had an awesome breakthrough with Precious.  Basically, she wants to be baptized, but she doesn't know when, and she doesn't know why she doesn't know when. But it was awesome! She has just seen the effect it has had on her husband and even herself.  She says that there is no way it can't be true. I'm super excited.

The next day, we did a five hour (more or less) service project. We helped set up some haunted yards, that are the most legit and amazing haunted yards in history!  We took an awesome picture of me getting eaten by a giant spider, though it wasn't on my camera. Once I get a copy, I will scan it or something and send it. Don't hold your breath.
That night was the adult session of stake conference. We wouldn't usually go, but the stake president wanted us there, because it was a First Presidency mandate that that session of stake conference would be about missionary work.  For fun, we were asked to sing "Called to Serve".  However, we would do a crappy job, the organist would play weak, and the conductor would dink around.  A member of the stake presidency interrupted us and said "This isn't good at all. They need some help. Let's get the bishops and ward mission leaders in!" They got up on the stand, and we sang a little better.  Interrupted again, "Let's get the auxiliaries, counselors, and others. Can we have the whole stake stand up and sing?!"  Everyone sang "Called to Serve".  I doubt I wasn't the only one that got chills. There were some amazing talks that night. It was all super motivating for the Stake. We are going to get a lot more help from members now (I hope). Super excited.

So, now for crazy stuff. We got our transfer calls today. A whole bunch of changes that wouldn't mean anything to you guys, but some that might matter to you: I am staying in Redlands for at least another six weeks with Elder Weaver.  My old District Leader, Elder Taylor, is becoming my Zone Leader with his old MTC companion. Elder Taylor's "greenie" is covering a YSA ward in San Bernadino, so Elder Taylor doesn't get to finish training him. Crazy stuff.  Excited for this next transfer. Awesome things are bound to happen. 
I am loving the work, and excited to continue it. Thanks for the loves and prayers.

Elder Summerhays

with  Elder William H Walker


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