Hello fellow readers of my life,

On Wednesday, we had our quarterly interviews with our mission president. It was good. Pres. Van Cott is a great man. Got some good ideas. The rest of that day we just visited people. Got in a lesson here and there. Pretty tired at the end of the day. We also went to lunch with Brad and his mom. It was Brad's birthday. All of his friends were either at college or on missions, so he asked us to hang out with him. It was fun.
On Saturday we did about four hours of service. In the morning, we helped paint a Sister's house with a bunch of other guys from the ward. It was the foulest smelling paint in the world. Painted the house grey with a maroon accent, from the really bright yellow it used to be. It was fairly fun. Then we had breakfast, studied, had lunch, studied, and then someone else asked us for help to move some things from a storage unit. So we did that for a couple of hours. By the time we were done, it was time to go to dinner. Our lessons had cancelled, so we were left with an empty night. I forget what we did. It was such a busy day and we got nothing done.

Sunday was really good. Elder Weaver and I spoke in sacrament meeting. E. Weaver spoke on Teaching the Gospel in the Home, and I spoke on obedience. E. Weaver gave a pretty good talk for someone that doesn't like speaking. I helped sing the in choir by sight reading. A page was missing at one point, so the times we had to sing that page, I just tried to guess the words. It turned out okay. I guessed well. :)

In my talk I included the story of when my cousin Tyler and his friends found a whole bunch of money in an abandoned house, but then did the right thing by returning it. I fasted before this talk as I did before my first talk on my mission, and it blessed me wonderfully. Never giving a talk again without fasting.

We were asked to help out in the primary that day, for Jr. and Sr. We helped a little bit with singing time. I knew all the songs but one. Then we divided into four groups and taught classes for about four minutes on how to be a missionary. I taught about prayer and how it can help prepare you to talk to people about church. Then I drew a picture of a missionary, tore him up, and restored it back together. What happens when a missionary does and doesn't pray, sort of thing. They enjoyed it. A bunch of kids were telling me about the glue I had or how I only ripped it part way, but I just smilied and let them look at the paper. I win. :)

This is the last week of transfers. I can't believe that I have been in Redlands, on bike, with E. Weaver for just about three months. And next week will be my nine month mark! That means if I made other decisions instead of going on a mission, I could have been a father by now. So you are welcome, Mom and Dad!

Hope everyone is doing alright, and that everyone is sharing the gospel to help build up God's kingdom on Earth! I will let you guys know if I am staying or going next week.

E. Summerhays


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