Hello fan base,

This week was good. Since Columbus Day closed the libraries, I don't have as much time to write as I usually do, so I will be brief but hopefully fulfilling.

A good chunk of the week has been filled with people flaking-out on us, with the occasional lesson here and there. Some fun experiences though. Like the crazy downpour of water from the sky! Since our bikes were locked in the garage, and the other elders had the key, we decided to just walk. We thought it had stopped raining, but of course, right as we finally walk into our area, it starts to rain like crazy. We were close by to Paul and Precious's house, so we walked over there, popped in and dried off, leaving a nice lesson with Paul. Most of the time we helped their kids with homework, which was pretty fun.
Exchanges with E. Barker was pretty fun, with two highlights. We got a new investigator that morning. At first he wasn't interested, but eventually he invited us in for some water, and then we started talking. He was a young guy, and had a rough life. Gave a great lesson on the Word of Wisdom, and even a blessing! We set up a time to see him the next morning. Unfortunately, when the other elders finally went over there to meet up with him (after rescheduling for a later time in the day, since he was tired), they saw two people talking on the drive way (one being the guy's dad), and a forensics van. They asked if he was there, and the dad made a stern face and shook his head. So they headed out of there quickly. So yeah, we don't know if he is dead or alive. Good lesson, though.
The other fun experience was that we started talking to one of our neighbors. Talked about the Plan of Salvation, and gave her a pamphlet and Book of Mormon. She started flipping through it and said "I don't understand. I shouldn't be able to read this. Any text this small I need my glasses, but I can read this!" We told her it was a sign! Another new investigator.

Hoping for more events this week. We are giving MIGHTY PRAYER a shot. Should have been forever ago, but now re-emphasizing it. So pray for me (or at least continue). Love ya all!

E. Summerhays


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