Best Week in a Long Time...

September 9, 2013

In a freak down pour, hiding under a tree. I did not get hit by
lighting, thankfully.

Dear Little Cabbages,

This week as been crazy. It would take too long to give details, but I will do my best to describe the cool things that have happened.
My District Leader, Elder Taylor and I went on an exchange. Another set of missionaries took us to go emailing (since it was Labor Day the day before, we couldn't go to the libraries to email). After emailing, we received a call from a recent convert saying that he needed help that instant to move out of his house. Too hard to explain why he had to move all of the sudden, but we said we would help. Long story short, that was our whole day. Besides having a really good talk with an investigator that night, we did not do any missionary work in our own area. We helped move for much longer than we had anticipated, and since the other elders were going to be late for their dinner, they asked permission and we just tagged along with them to their dinner. So that was a tiring day, but nonetheless interesting.

Tuesday, we went to the Redlands Temple! It was a wonderful experience.  I got to the work for an ancestor of someone I did the baptism for, four years prior in the Manhattan temple! It was really awesome. While there saw some of members from previous wards that I had served in working at the temple!  It was good to see them.
Now for the highlights (summarized, kind of). There is a part-member family that came to church a few weeks ago. We learned that the husband is a returning member who is "re-investigating" the church with his non-member wife and, eventually, kids. We set up a time, and finally met with them. We have taught them two lessons so far, and it has gone wonderfully. I am super excited to be teaching them and look forward to our lessons in the coming weeks. The next day, we taught a woman and her son, who was a referral from a member. We held the lesson at the member's house, and that went wonderful as well. Both sets of investigators had already attended church with their friends/family before we were even teaching them, so that is a bonus! I am so excited about teaching these people. I am praying hard that nothing screwy happens, and that I don't get transferred next week (knock on wood).

I really enjoyed this week.  We got the spiritual boost that we needed. Keep praying for us, and keep sending me letters! I love it.

Hope all is well,

Elder Summerhays

My companion with Nerf-darts in his eyes. This is not photoshopped.

Eating a Twinkie in the first time in maybe eight years.


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