It's Time to Work Harder

August 26, 2013

Dear partners in crime, and other stuff,

This week has been filled with visiting people. When one is short on investigators, and new in the ward, it's the best thing to do. I wish I could write about all the people I have met, but it would be too long.  Just know that there are some great people in the ward, and some great Less Active people that need the gospel.

We did a nice "Q&A" with a Born-Again couple in their garage. It was a good conversation, the only thing that bothered me is that they were not interested because they "have read and watched enough about it" to know it's not for them. They have not read "It", but apparently they "know". Don't you love TV?

On Wednesday it was Multi-Zone Conference. It was fantastic. So much learned and was so inspired that I can't write it all. It was very motivating. 
One of these days, instead of biking, Elder Weaver and I will be walking.  It will be a good test in planning, and give us more opportunities to talk to people.  Elder Weaver is not too excited about the idea, but that's the benefit of being a trainer!

We have a new investigator names Lance. He is the father of a blended family, so he has nine children. He has been taught by the missionaries before, and loves talking to us, but he made it clear he has no plan "in converting anytime soon". That is okay. If the Spirit tells him sooner or later, he will get baptized sooner or later.

We have another investigator who was really excited about learning about the church, and really felt the spirit. We were going to give her a tour of the church, but her mom did not allow it. Since she is only 17, we can't teach her unless we have a parents permission. The girl  said it's okay, but I'm wondering if her mom said it was okay as well. We will see. If we can teach her, she will be a great investigator, and eventually member.

On Saturday, I prayed for a miracle. The week had been slow, and mostly due to our efforts. I needed a jump start for the upcoming week. On Sunday, we were introduced to a part-member family. The father wants to become active again, and his family, the rest of whom are not members, want the missionaries over. It was wonderful!  We will be meeting with them sometime this week. It was the boost I needed.

All is well with me.  As always, I would love to hear from you!  Even if it's just a short email saying hello!  Hand written letters are great, too!

Lovin' the mish!

Elder Summerhays


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