Making Connections in Redlands

August 19, 2013

Dear Family and others whom have put up with me,

I only have a few minutes because we are still learning how to work with the library here in Redlands.

Last night, Elder Weaver and I  had dinner with the Tucker family.    Brother Tucker was my Dad's companion for a while in the Colorado/Denver mission back in the day when it covered Wyoming and Kansas too. It was great to swap stories my dad had told me and hear about other missionaries.  Then I gave him my Dad's phone number and assured him that he would be up at the hour we were calling him (which was late in CT).  
While they talked I only heard one side of the conversation but I had the strangest feeling just watching Bro. Tucker talk to my dad about everything!  They caught up with each others life and then started swapping there own stories, some of which they shared, others that were just there own.  I had heard bits of pieces of these stories my whole life.  After they hung up I closed the night by sharing a few magic tricks with them, a prayer, and called it a night. It was a great experience, and made both of our nights.

Our week has consisted of tons and tons of biking. We are trying to meet as many members as possible and fellowship them! Investigators-through-members is the way to go! We have had some good experiences with that, especially yesterday. We were just in the right place at the right time for a family who’s daughter was in a bit of a spiritual crisis.  With the spirit’s guidance, we were able to help.   Her mom thanked us so much and told us that it was a direct answer to her prayers.  Experiences like those keep me going.
My awesome new companion Elder Weaver
that I have the privilege to train
Training has been going well so far.  I wish we had some people to teach, but I am sure this is a test from the Lord. Someone is waiting for us, and the Lord is waiting for us to be at a certain level of spirituality until he gives them to us. There are a lot of great members here. With everyone we have met, we have, simply put, challenged them to give a Book of Mormon to a friend in the next two weeks. There is a guy in our ward that can engrave names on front and testimonies on back of hard cover books, so we are taking advantage of that. It's great.

Now that I have thought about it, that has pretty much been our week.  Pray for us to find people.  As Preach My Gospel says, when you are not teaching, there is no missionary work being done.  So we are going to change that. 
Thanks for all the love!

 Hope all is well,

Elder Summerhays


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