Fun, Fun, Fun in the Rain!

July 22, 2013

Hello my wonderful people,

IT RAINED TWO DAYS IN A ROW IN THE DESERT!!! There are still clouds everywhere! I love it! Reminds me of home!
Yucca Valley missionary apartment on a rare rainy day

One day, despite having a long weekly planning session, we were able to have 5 whole lessons, two of which where with member presents with investigators, and we only drove a total of four miles!!! It's awesome when other people drive us. :)
Had a chance to help clean the church building then unload the Bishop's Storehouse truck, which was a lot of work. It was fun, though. It comes every couple weeks, so we are probably going to make it a regular thing.

One of my favorite dinners so far was the other day. It was fajitas and corn on the cob, but it was what we did to the corn that made it awesome! They had us smother it in mayo, then parmesan cheese, then Tapatio hot sauce! It was delicious! Then I made the connection of seeing it in the movie, Nacho Libre! It was delicious. I recommend trying it!

One of the interesting "events" of the week, in short:
We started teaching a young man and his mom. The young man, who's name is Mark, said he wanted the missionaries to come back, as they were coming a while before. We did a get to know you session. He said he was 24, in the Marines, had 3 kids with one on the way, planning on proposing to his girlfriend in the upcoming weeks, and loved reading. We gave him a BoM, and remained in contact with him through texting every once in a while. He said he loved the book, his girl friend started reading it, and he started reading it to his kids. We were finally able to meet with his mom and friend (who lives with him) again, and realized that EVERYTHING WAS A LIE. We probably should have taken more heed to his previous Teaching Record, in which the other missionaries stated "DROPPED, lied about everything." He is actually 18, failing school, no kids, no marines, and is basically a pathological liar. So that was fun. We are still teaching his mom, and started teaching his friend, though. When Mark sees the changes in them, he will realize what a wonderful gospel this is, and change. Especially through a wonderful priesthood blessing. It will be interesting to see him again.

I am loving the work here. I can't believe I am starting my 6th week here! Time flies when you are having fun.

Hope all is well, and love you all,

Elder Summerhays

Taking notes from the Master

Just as confused as this apostle:  how can a camel fit through the eye of a needle?

The mission changes you


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