July 8, 2013

Hello People of Earth!

A lot of wonderful changes are happening, or are going to happen, in the mission field.  This past Wednesday we met with our new mission president, President Van Cott.  He's a wonderful person and his family is awesome!  After our meeting, we took a picture with our whole zone.  I then I proceeded to do a short magic show for the Van Cott's and most of the zone.  It had been a while since I have really performed.  I entered magician mode and surprised everyone (especially the Van Cott kids!)  It was fun.  I love them.

So here are the some of the major changes to expect:
  • No more back packs! This is church wide. We are straying from the college student look, and association with terrorists carrying bombs due to events such as the Boston marathon. We will soon be carrying “satchels”. Oh yeah! Not sure how that will work on a bike, but I won't worry about it until I am actually back on one. 
  • Eventual Internet integration. Pres. Van Cott said something along the lines of that when he was at the leadership training for new Mission presidents, he gave the speaker (I would assume one of the apostles) his name-plate-tag thing, which is like 4x8, and said "I want to be the first". And since California is such a happenin' place, I'm sure we will. This would include using Facebook and mormon.org as a form of proselyting. I could share the gospel with my new and existing friends, and even have others chime in on discussions! All US missions should have it by the end of the year. I’m excited for that. 
  • No more tracting! No more door-to-door! We are to spend our time teaching, whether it be with investigators, less-actives, in-actives, or full active members! Always be teaching and honing our skills. We will also be able to work through the referrals we are given through teaching such people. We taught about 24 lessons this past week. I love it. 
  • We can now grow out our hair past our collar, and sideburns past our ear! They want us to look like surfer dudes. Just kidding. Still clean cut, which I love as well. Everything above, though, is true. Just kidding about the hair.
  • We can also wear khakis now, as long as they have a crease. I am not really in the market for new pants, so it doesn't affect me.

Our Fourth of July was a lot of fun. We went to the ward breakfast, then we ate all of our meals at less-active members homes. Loved it. The fireworks were wonderful. It all made me homesick for a split second, then I stopped being homesick and started being awesome, so I'm good. 

I have finally purchased a ukulele book! I love it. It has so many awesome songs. I just need a good hymn book with the chords listed, though my companion does have a children's hymn book. Till then, it's "You've Got a Friend In Me" and "Armies of Helaman". I love it. I’m getting pretty good at it too. I'll bring it to a lesson one of these days.

We finally taught a lesson to our investigators Roy and Mel. They are slowly but surely progressing. They are an interesting bunch, and I love teaching them. It's once a week, right now, but it's always great. Please pray for them.

Oh, I should tell you, I was sick for about a half day, but I toughed it out, and I'm back on track. So that happened. 

Church was great, as always. Always go to church. Even if you don't like the people, or have "bad experiences", just remember that church is a hospital for sinners, and it is between you and the doctor to get better. Don't care about the other patients; you can cheer them on, and visa-versa, but if they are annoying, don't bother. Just talk to your doctor. That's the analogy I give about church. It's awesome. I am realized that no one really as a good excuse NOT to go to church, unless it's legitimately medical. Haven't heard one yet.

I love the mission. I love (kind of) the desert - it grows on you.  

Love you all,

Elder Summerhays


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