A Good Week


 July 15, 2013


Hello lovely people,

While it was a good week this week, there is not much to talk about. With tracting vanishing, we have been teaching all the time. It's great! Had some really good lessons with investigators. The one investigator that we were for sure was going to come to church did not, due to his health, which has always been the case. Progressing at his time. He will eventually get baptized. Eventually.
Got to have a great interview with our mission president, President Van Cott. My interview was 45 minutes, because I had questions for him, and he said I could keep talking. So I did.  It was awesome. Then, I left my sunglasses in the room, so when he came out of his next interview, he made them "reappear" for me. It was pretty funny. He's going to be an awesome mission president.

Our recycle pile
A fun highlight: Got the car washed, though it didn't do a very good job on the bird poop. We did open the windows when the blowers came on. Took video. It was awesome. 
Pretty hot in the desert
Unknown yellow fruit/vegetable
There is a lady that we visit all the time that has Lou Gherigs disease, but is the funnest lady ever! We started teaching one of her caretakers, who we know could feel the spirit. Pray that we can continue teaching her.
For all that read this, please send me any stories that you have that you think can help me. Conversion stories for ideas on how to teach, miracle experiences to share with others, funny stories to lighten up the day, anything! Email them, snail mail them, smoke signal. It would help a lot!

I know a miracle of some sort will happen this week. I will share it next week. Pray for me that I can recognize it when it happens!

Love you all, 
Elder Summerhays

What would Palm Springs be with out a giant Marilyn Monroe


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