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May 27, 2013

This week was filled with dropped appointments. One right after another. My companion, who is almost done with his mission, said it was one of the longest weeks of his whole mission! The strange people that we meet along the way don't help.

  Had a great interview with President Smart. He made me really think about if I am giving the Lord my all. It really has changed my outlook on things. I also made it a goal to have more effective studying, so i am going through all the Christ-Like attributes in Preach My Gospel  and studying those. I recommend that you guys do it too!

  The highlight of the week was going to the temple. It was fantastic as usual. We went to Cafe Rio, where I pigged out. I think I will start losing weight eventually. Might as well get fat while I have the boot on (my will power for resisting food has gone down. Not that it was high before, but it is still lower. dang.)

  We had a lesson with one of our progressing investigators, who always have some odd concerns. We were at their house for THREE HOURS. Wasn't planned out like that, but the discussion kept going on. Answered some good questions. During the whole time, I really felt the spirit. A lot. It was actually really cool. I was hoping I would say something profound during the lesson, but nothing really stuck out to me, though I hope I said something that they needed to hear. 

  Even P-day yesterday was long. We went around with Victor, our awesome ward missionary,  running a few errands, which was hard on Memorial Day. The 2nd hand store was closed. The Magic shop was closed (still haven't gone there!) He took us out to lunch, then we helped him shop a little for his own up coming mission. Then we popped into Barnes and Noble and flipped through the religion section, which was only one book case. The whole top shelf was Mormon stuff, some good, some STUPID. Lots of the books not put out by the church, I must give a thumbs up to the Mormonism for Dummies. My comp flipped through that one, and it did a fairly good job. I saw a book that said "Edited for the 2008 Election" which ruined any hope of credibility. I was right. Felt bad for all the stuff that is out there. I hope I can reach people before they reach for these books. Nothing particularly anti- .   Just annoying. Entertaining nonetheless. 

  That is pretty much my week. Now that it's our turn for the car again, we hope to be (even more) productive!
Glad to hear all is well at home. All is well on the mission.
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays

My scripture case at the moment! Got me and my sibs, Grandma and Grandpa Summerhays, and Sydney right on the inside. Send more pics!

On exchanges. An investigator who had a parrot that cleaned teeth. Wish I hadn't flossed that day, that way I could have measured the effectiveness of it's dentistry.


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