It's Heatin', I'm Hurtin', but I'm Healin"

June 10, 2013

'Tsup HOMIES?!

I am finally out of the boot! We are back in business on bikes! It's been hard getting back in shape, but I'm surviving! Waited an hour for a five minute check up. That's how doctor's role, I guess.
It's been a week full of dropped appointments. So again, not too much to write about. It's been a slow week.

Elder Romney and I after one of our appointments dropped

The highlights of the week. In short:
Picked up two new investigators from Kenya on the street. They said their friend gave them dvds and the book and stuff. I offered to come over sometime and "explain" it all. She said why not now? So we did. They were going to come to church, but then they saw family in LA. So that was a bummer, but they are super awesome. Hope to see them soon.
Also, the night was almost over and us and the other elders in the apartment had nothing to do. So we went on a bike ride. I fell a little behind, to the point where they were out of sight. I came around a corner to a cross street, and didn't know which way they went. So I biked around for about seven minutes looking for them. Alone. That was fun. Eventually I said a prayer. I specifically asked for God to give me the knowledge of where they were. Right after I said that, the thought immediately popped into my mind to go back to the cross street where I originally got lost. I headed back in the direction, thinking to my self how cool it would be if they were there. Lo and behold, right as I turned the corner, so did the other missionaries, heading to the same cross street. I think that bike ride was just for me to have that experience. But who knows. It's always assuring to know that there is someone always watching me.

I love hearing from you all! I am doing well, and I hope the same for you!
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays


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