It's Hot! but I'm in a Car!

June 24, 2013

Hello peeps!

I am now in Yucca Valley, CA! There is NO GRASS!!! All sage bush, ugly Yucca trees and funky Joshua trees. It gets pretty hot, but I'm fine (sunscreen!)

The work is a little slow here, but it's picking up. We have a couple investigators, and just got some through a media referral! So that was exciting! We do a lot of tracting here, but hopefully that will change. The missionary broadcast from the apostles and prophet, "The Work of Salvation", was fantastic! I really hope the members start sharing the gospel more! The work will start picking up, and we won't have to go tracting anymore! :) But that will be a while. We do have plenty of Less Active work to do, which is always fun. I met scientologists for the first time! Nice people. Not sure what they believe in still, but nice people. 

My first zone meeting was pretty good. It was strange having my trainer and previous district leader be my zone leaders, but it's pretty cool. I still miss my old zone/area, but I do what I gotta do. 

I had dinner with one of our ward missionaries, who used to drive a Jumbro tron thing to places, but it's bigger. The coolest thing is that he toured with Harry Blackstone for a good while! He even helped set up some of the illusions. Pretty cool. 

That's pretty much is from the desert! My new companion, E. Heilman, is pretty cool. He is almost done with his mission, with just a couple a transfers left. He's an odd guy, but he really does know his scriptures. It will be a good 7 weeks!

Love you all,

E. Summerhays

Comfortable at my new desk


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