I'm Going to the Desert!!!

June 17, 2013

Goodbye California Riverside Mission

Dear people enjoying colder weather,

This week has been crazy. This Saturday was the mission wide transfer meeting. I was not expecting to get transferred at all, but I did! I am going to the Yucca Valley, Ortega Trail Ward! Elder Hayden, my trainer, will be my newzone leader, and my current District Leader, Elder Rosa, will be my other zone leader. So that will be fun. I figured that if I stayed while being in crutches,  I would most likely stay at least another transfer. E. Romney was here in Beaumont for 7 and a half months his first time around! But alas, I am leaving today. To the desert.  I will have a car.  I will not be driving,  because I can't drive. :D

Aside from that, this week has been somewhat of a good bye party, and seems somewhat bad on paper (email?), but it is funny. For example, how does this sound? The other night, I went on a double date and got frozen yogurt with two college grads, and then we went to a pool birthday party, with the bikini-clad high school cheer squad! I will elaborate, but doesn't it sound awesome/so bad?
Met a homeless guy names Smokin' Joe. We bought him a hamburger. Nice guy. Wish him the best. We had a little spare time before a meeting, so we went into a couple antique shops. There are litterally at least 6 antique shops within half a mile of each other. Some really cool. Some gross. I didn't buy anything (resisted the temptation to buy an Eisenhower coin for $5).
We taught a lesson to a bunch of kids! They are some of our newer investigators. We did an object lesson. We put together a puzzle on a trampoline! The trampoline wasn't part of the lesson, that's just where they wanted to have it, so we did.  I'm surprised we didn't break the tramp with all the weight we had on there.

Then E. Romney had a recent convert and her fellow-shipper come up to say goodbye to him, since he is leaving for home (today!) and we went out for ice cream.  I freaked them out with some magic and spoke a little Chinese, then taught the recent convert why she shouldn't swear.  It was fun.  We joked that it was the "double date" .  Although, it was not. :)
Then the next day the Sister feeding us dinner were invited to a pool party. She said that she couldn't go since she was feeding us. The lady who invited her (who is also a member) said to just have us come along! So we did. Of course the birthday girl would be a part of the highschool cheer squad, and invite all her friends. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, but it was still a pretty funny situation.  It was good to say good bye to a few people there.

It's been hot here too, in the 90's and riding our bike up hills has resulted in some sweaty days.  I am doing great on the bike and will have to find new source of good exercise in Yucca Valley.
Result of a long bike ride up. Ew.

More or less, that has been the week. Yesterday not much happened. More good-byes. I started packing. It's so hard to pack. I'm still not finished.

My leg is feeling alright.
I love you all! I am excited to go to my new area! Gotta go pack!

Love you all,

Elder Summerhays

Goodbye Yucaipa District


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