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June 3, 2013

Hello fellow Sons and Daughters of God,

Just had a doctor's appointment today. I am finally out of the boot! :D This means we will be back on bike. I am out of shape since I haven't biked for two months. It will almost have been three months since I busted my ankle. Time flies.

Me and Elder Romney in front of the Riverside Temple, taking a selfie pic.
There is not much to report on this week. It has just been really slow. This week we did not meet with a single investigator, because they were all "busy".  We got one new investigator, but eventually we learned that she was crazy, or at least super high on something, so we dropped her. It was a little unnerving. Not the first time we tried to teach a crazy person.
So fun story of the week. This happened last P-Day. Longish story made short: My peripherals got a glance of a picture a guy was looking at on the computer next to me. I regretted doing a double take. The guy was looking for one-night stands on Craigslist! And he was married too! I think that was God and/or Satan telling me "This is what will happen if you do not keep God's commandments". Message received. So that was interesting.
Just had the very last Zone meeting of the Yucaipa zone in the Riverside mission, because after a little while the mission will be split, as well as the zone. Our zone focus is BAPTISM!  It's a little hard to describe, since we are all ready working to baptize anyway, but that's our focus. We are doing are best now to invite at least 5 people to baptism each day, which is pretty hard to do. We could easily just throw it out there in the open, just to get the number, but it would not really be effective. We are still working out new ways to bring it up in a not so random way.
That's pretty much it from the week. We have just been meeting with a bunch of less actives and inactives, contacting people for the bishop and auxiliaries, so we can still be productive.
This week will certainly be an adventure. We are looking for a good investigator, and I will be on my bike.  Keep sending me love and letters!

From Top left to right
E. Deidrickson, E. Anderson, E. Myers, E. Twitchel, E. Rosa, E. Saxton, E. Summerhays, E. Reed, E. Cochran, E. RomneyBottom left to right  E. Wolff, E. Page, E. McCall (below Page), E. Green, S. Emery, S. Ferry, S. Jones, S. Stevenson

Me rocking out Grandpa S's tie clip and belt. Extra spiritual protection on Sunday for me! :
Love you all,
Elder Summerhays 


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