And I am in the...(drumroll please)... CALIFORNIA REDLANDS MISSION!

 New president! Extended transfer! Triple Digit Temperatures!

Elder Summerhays is now in the California Redlands Mission

On July 1 the California Riverside Mission will be reorganized as part of the new 58 misions announced by the church.  The Redlands Mission is one of those new missions with President and Sister van Cott to over see it.  It is an exciting time to be a missionary as the work is hastened.

Elder Summerhays' address in Yucca Valley:
7165 Sage Ave.  #B
Yucca Valley, CA 

California Redlands Mission Borders

Only picture of our new Mission President: Sis. Van Cott, they start July 1
Serving in the High Desert
Yucca Valley


areal view of Yucca Valley
Yucca Valley is an incorporated town located in San Bernardino CountyCaliforniaUnited States. The population was 20,700 at the 2010 census. Yucca Valley lies 17 miles (27 km) west of Twentynine Palms, 37 miles (60 km) north of Palm Springs, 89 miles (143 km) south of Barstow via State Route 247, 45 miles (72 km) southeast of Lucerne Valley and 55 miles (89 km) east of San Bernardino.
Bordered in the west by the San Bernardino Mountains and in the south by the Joshua Tree National Park, the Yucca Valley community is located in theMojave Desert at roughly 3,300 feet (1,000 m) above sea level.

Location in San Bernardino County and the state ofCalifornia
Coordinates: 34°8′N 116°25′
Country United States
State California
CountySan Bernardino
 • Total40.015 sq mi (103.639 km2)
 • Land40.015 sq mi (103.639 km2)
 • Water0 sq mi (0 km2)  0%
Elevation3,369 ft (1,027 m)
Population (2010)
 • Total20,700
 • Density520/sq mi (200/km2)
Time zonePST (UTC-8)
 • Summer (DST)PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP codes92284-92286
Area code(s)760

Snowfall occurs almost annually whenever the snow level drops to elevations under 4,000 feet (1,200 m). The area's terrain is prone to wildfires (such as the Pioneertown fire in July 2006), resulting from plant growth during the rainy seasons and flash floods. The plants in the city and among the chaparral in the mountains outside of San Bernardino National Forest wilt and perish from the summer heat, providing ample fuel during a fire.
Yucca Valley has experienced high levels of seismic activity. Fault lines criss-cross the city and the Morongo basin.
 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amenities include a bowling alleymovie theater, various retail stores and an "Old Town" area. The Sky Village weekend open-air market is another popular attraction.
On Grubstakes Day, held the day before Memorial Day, there is a parade.
The Desert Christ Park sculpture garden is located here.
It is also close to the world famous Joshua Tree National Park.

It's Hot! but I'm in a Car!

June 24, 2013

Hello peeps!

I am now in Yucca Valley, CA! There is NO GRASS!!! All sage bush, ugly Yucca trees and funky Joshua trees. It gets pretty hot, but I'm fine (sunscreen!)

The work is a little slow here, but it's picking up. We have a couple investigators, and just got some through a media referral! So that was exciting! We do a lot of tracting here, but hopefully that will change. The missionary broadcast from the apostles and prophet, "The Work of Salvation", was fantastic! I really hope the members start sharing the gospel more! The work will start picking up, and we won't have to go tracting anymore! :) But that will be a while. We do have plenty of Less Active work to do, which is always fun. I met scientologists for the first time! Nice people. Not sure what they believe in still, but nice people. 

My first zone meeting was pretty good. It was strange having my trainer and previous district leader be my zone leaders, but it's pretty cool. I still miss my old zone/area, but I do what I gotta do. 

I had dinner with one of our ward missionaries, who used to drive a Jumbro tron thing to places, but it's bigger. The coolest thing is that he toured with Harry Blackstone for a good while! He even helped set up some of the illusions. Pretty cool. 

That's pretty much is from the desert! My new companion, E. Heilman, is pretty cool. He is almost done with his mission, with just a couple a transfers left. He's an odd guy, but he really does know his scriptures. It will be a good 7 weeks!

Love you all,

E. Summerhays

Comfortable at my new desk

I'm Going to the Desert!!!

June 17, 2013

Goodbye California Riverside Mission

Dear people enjoying colder weather,

This week has been crazy. This Saturday was the mission wide transfer meeting. I was not expecting to get transferred at all, but I did! I am going to the Yucca Valley, Ortega Trail Ward! Elder Hayden, my trainer, will be my newzone leader, and my current District Leader, Elder Rosa, will be my other zone leader. So that will be fun. I figured that if I stayed while being in crutches,  I would most likely stay at least another transfer. E. Romney was here in Beaumont for 7 and a half months his first time around! But alas, I am leaving today. To the desert.  I will have a car.  I will not be driving,  because I can't drive. :D

Aside from that, this week has been somewhat of a good bye party, and seems somewhat bad on paper (email?), but it is funny. For example, how does this sound? The other night, I went on a double date and got frozen yogurt with two college grads, and then we went to a pool birthday party, with the bikini-clad high school cheer squad! I will elaborate, but doesn't it sound awesome/so bad?
Met a homeless guy names Smokin' Joe. We bought him a hamburger. Nice guy. Wish him the best. We had a little spare time before a meeting, so we went into a couple antique shops. There are litterally at least 6 antique shops within half a mile of each other. Some really cool. Some gross. I didn't buy anything (resisted the temptation to buy an Eisenhower coin for $5).
We taught a lesson to a bunch of kids! They are some of our newer investigators. We did an object lesson. We put together a puzzle on a trampoline! The trampoline wasn't part of the lesson, that's just where they wanted to have it, so we did.  I'm surprised we didn't break the tramp with all the weight we had on there.

Then E. Romney had a recent convert and her fellow-shipper come up to say goodbye to him, since he is leaving for home (today!) and we went out for ice cream.  I freaked them out with some magic and spoke a little Chinese, then taught the recent convert why she shouldn't swear.  It was fun.  We joked that it was the "double date" .  Although, it was not. :)
Then the next day the Sister feeding us dinner were invited to a pool party. She said that she couldn't go since she was feeding us. The lady who invited her (who is also a member) said to just have us come along! So we did. Of course the birthday girl would be a part of the highschool cheer squad, and invite all her friends. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, but it was still a pretty funny situation.  It was good to say good bye to a few people there.

It's been hot here too, in the 90's and riding our bike up hills has resulted in some sweaty days.  I am doing great on the bike and will have to find new source of good exercise in Yucca Valley.
Result of a long bike ride up. Ew.

More or less, that has been the week. Yesterday not much happened. More good-byes. I started packing. It's so hard to pack. I'm still not finished.

My leg is feeling alright.
I love you all! I am excited to go to my new area! Gotta go pack!

Love you all,

Elder Summerhays

Goodbye Yucaipa District

It's Heatin', I'm Hurtin', but I'm Healin"

June 10, 2013

'Tsup HOMIES?!

I am finally out of the boot! We are back in business on bikes! It's been hard getting back in shape, but I'm surviving! Waited an hour for a five minute check up. That's how doctor's role, I guess.
It's been a week full of dropped appointments. So again, not too much to write about. It's been a slow week.

Elder Romney and I after one of our appointments dropped

The highlights of the week. In short:
Picked up two new investigators from Kenya on the street. They said their friend gave them dvds and the book and stuff. I offered to come over sometime and "explain" it all. She said why not now? So we did. They were going to come to church, but then they saw family in LA. So that was a bummer, but they are super awesome. Hope to see them soon.
Also, the night was almost over and us and the other elders in the apartment had nothing to do. So we went on a bike ride. I fell a little behind, to the point where they were out of sight. I came around a corner to a cross street, and didn't know which way they went. So I biked around for about seven minutes looking for them. Alone. That was fun. Eventually I said a prayer. I specifically asked for God to give me the knowledge of where they were. Right after I said that, the thought immediately popped into my mind to go back to the cross street where I originally got lost. I headed back in the direction, thinking to my self how cool it would be if they were there. Lo and behold, right as I turned the corner, so did the other missionaries, heading to the same cross street. I think that bike ride was just for me to have that experience. But who knows. It's always assuring to know that there is someone always watching me.

I love hearing from you all! I am doing well, and I hope the same for you!
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays

Ankle Good Area Slow

June 3, 2013

Hello fellow Sons and Daughters of God,

Just had a doctor's appointment today. I am finally out of the boot! :D This means we will be back on bike. I am out of shape since I haven't biked for two months. It will almost have been three months since I busted my ankle. Time flies.

Me and Elder Romney in front of the Riverside Temple, taking a selfie pic.
There is not much to report on this week. It has just been really slow. This week we did not meet with a single investigator, because they were all "busy".  We got one new investigator, but eventually we learned that she was crazy, or at least super high on something, so we dropped her. It was a little unnerving. Not the first time we tried to teach a crazy person.
So fun story of the week. This happened last P-Day. Longish story made short: My peripherals got a glance of a picture a guy was looking at on the computer next to me. I regretted doing a double take. The guy was looking for one-night stands on Craigslist! And he was married too! I think that was God and/or Satan telling me "This is what will happen if you do not keep God's commandments". Message received. So that was interesting.
Just had the very last Zone meeting of the Yucaipa zone in the Riverside mission, because after a little while the mission will be split, as well as the zone. Our zone focus is BAPTISM!  It's a little hard to describe, since we are all ready working to baptize anyway, but that's our focus. We are doing are best now to invite at least 5 people to baptism each day, which is pretty hard to do. We could easily just throw it out there in the open, just to get the number, but it would not really be effective. We are still working out new ways to bring it up in a not so random way.
That's pretty much it from the week. We have just been meeting with a bunch of less actives and inactives, contacting people for the bishop and auxiliaries, so we can still be productive.
This week will certainly be an adventure. We are looking for a good investigator, and I will be on my bike.  Keep sending me love and letters!

From Top left to right
E. Deidrickson, E. Anderson, E. Myers, E. Twitchel, E. Rosa, E. Saxton, E. Summerhays, E. Reed, E. Cochran, E. RomneyBottom left to right  E. Wolff, E. Page, E. McCall (below Page), E. Green, S. Emery, S. Ferry, S. Jones, S. Stevenson

Me rocking out Grandpa S's tie clip and belt. Extra spiritual protection on Sunday for me! :
Love you all,
Elder Summerhays 

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