Same Place, New Companion!

May 13, 2013

Elder Summerhays and Elder Romney Companionship

Hello Peops,
     I have a new companion! His name is Elder Romney, and, yes, he is related to Mitt Romney (Grandpa's cousin).  It is his last transfer, and he is back in Beaumont. He served the first 7.5 months of his mission here, now he is covering the other half of the city. He is pretty cool, and certainly a great help in helping me continue to grow and learn in the field.
     It's kind of funny. The first day or two he was here, we ran into a bunch of the people he had taught or had befriended the first time he was here. We even got a couple lunch appointments out of it.
Since there is another missionary that can't ride a bike, we have to share the car. When we don't have a car, we walk A LOT.  We were lucky enough to be teaching someone when it started pouring rain, and then came to a slight drizzle when we started walking home.
     The doctor decided that I no longer need crutches! :D But I need to be in a boot for at least another month D: But I'll take it.
     We had lunch with a Sister (not missionary) in a ward that E. Romney had served in before, and it was great. She told us stories about her son who served in SLC.  Quite the exciting mission.  We went to a taco place called "Taco's and Beer", which was really good. I thought I would try something tasty and got some quesodillas with Cabeza (head) and Lengue (tongue). It didn't really taste as exotic as I had hoped. It tasted like pulled pork. Still tasty.
    We've been dropping investigators like flies. One person just wanted to bash, and one is too crazy to comprehend the gospel, although she loves it when we pray, but we can't get a word in otherwise! Sad.
We taught a CTR 5 class, which was crazy. Some kids behave, and some kids were telling me how lava was made. The funniest, and most surprising, part of class was when we asked them who wrote the Book of Mormon. "Joseph Smith!" Nooooo "Moroni!" Yes, but what were they all? It starts with a "P" Then one kid yells out "Penis!" Me and E. Romney weren't sure what to think. He said it twice, just to make sure we head it. The answer was prophets, by the way.
     I LOVED TALKING WITH MY FAMILY. I MISS THEM SO MUCH. I AM  SO HAPPY FOR ANIMATION CHEFS AND GUITAR AND THE GARAGE AND STUFF. I have been praying for you, Noah. I really hope you find Sydney. Just remember the Plan of Salvation, though.
     Hope all is well, and I promise to start taking more pictures.

Love you all,
Elder Summerhays


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