Longest Week So Far

May 21, 2013

Hello Awesome-Sauce Readers,

This weeks has been THE longest week of my mission so far. It was even one of the longest ones for my companion, and he goes home in 4 weeks! I'll just give the highlights.
We had one quasi investigator, who we finally decided to start actually teaching, totally shoot us down. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon, and she asked some good questions. Eventually, something snapped, and she just called us and the book completely blasphemous. She wouldn't listen any more, and kicked us out of her house. On paper it doesn't sound like much, but it was a very sobering experience. It was definitely a testimony builder from God, seeing if we would stick to the basics when being challenged. Kind of glad we don't have to teach her any more, she was a little crazy. She was nice at first, at least. Oh well.

I saw someone from my BYU ward! I forget her name ( I didn't know her too well), but she did look familiar. Eventually she came up to us and said "Hi Caleb!" She knew I was going to her mission, but not into her area, so it surprised her as much as me. It was cool. Made me a little BYU sick, but cool.
I don't know if I have talked much about Victor. He is a recent convert of almost a year, and is going on a mission. He is 22, and super cool. He is super prepared to go, definitely more prepared than me. He is out Ward Missionary Lead Assistant, so he has already had a good share of teaching lessons with the missionaries. He is leaving for Tempe, Arizona on July 17th. So that happened this week.
One morning we decided as an apartment to study together. And by study, I mean listed to J. Golden Kimball give a hilarious, colorful talk. I like his idea about what he thought at first about his mission. "Let's just burn down the Southern States and do baptisms for the dead!" Thankfully I don't see that necessary for my mission. Probably felt the spirit once or twice during his talk. Still pretty good, though!

Those are the highlights of the week. Everything else was tracting, trying to figure out what to do when the back-up for our back-up for our back-up falls through, or when LITERALLY, everyone of of our investigators were sick and couldn't/still can't teach them. Got four new investigators, though, which is always great.

Loved the letters you guys sent me! I hope you have found our lizard Sydney by now! If not, just study the Plan of Salvation and find comfort in the scriptures.
I love you all, and hope all is well. Looking forward to MORE letters from you! :)
Elder Summerhays

A tower a missionary made from stuff on my desk while I was away. 

Got my hair cut by a member. I enjoyed it very much.


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