Junkyard Revisited

May 6, 2013

Hello all,
It has been an interesting week this week. Let's begin.....
THE Junkyard
So I ate the Junk yard challenge. A 2.5 lbs. sandwich, 32oz drink ( i chose water), a 16oz shake (vanilla) and a large order of fries. I was REALLY close to beating the 10:56 min  record, but those last bites just killed me.  I did it in about 15-17 minutes. Not sure what was considered "done", but I ate it. It.. hurt... so... good.
Sandwich Shoppe owner mocking me


 Later that day I got my first MRI on my ankle.  Pretty relaxing.  I was supposed to have a checkup today (a week later), but that fell through due to lack of communication from the mission office. Oh well.
I have officially been out a little over three months now! It has flown by.  I am an 1/8th done with my mission! Crazy.
 These past couple weeks we have been on a roll getting new investigators, averaging about four or five a week.  Let's hope we keep them. We have also lost some, but that just means we can concentrate on the others more. Woo-hoo!
Oh, so a giant fire broke out in the hills the other day. about 50 acres burned. One building down. No one injured from what I heard. So yeah, that happened. Smoke everywhere. Got some cool pictures.

Small funny story. Explaining to an investigator how the Book of Mormon can answer and question at all, and sometimes randomly. I gave the example of "What should I do for school?" I flipped randomly to a page in the Book of Mormon. I forget the exact verse, but it pretty much said "And anyone came near to kill Ammon, he did smite off their arms." So that was fun. Probably won't do that again for a bit.
Tracting gave us some fun stories. Talked to one guy that who genuinely wanted to know where the geographical and biological evidence is for the Lamanites being the ancestors of most of the Native Americans. We directed him to Hugh Nibley. We will meet with him sometime this week. Then we talked to a lady who had a sister who passed away that was LDS that was curious, so there is some potential there. Then we talked to a guy for about 30 minutes on his doorstep. He was a crazy old Vietnam Vet who, half way through, we finally learned he was an inactive member. So we will work with him too. Interesting day that day.
The next day was fairly nostalgic. We helped (I supervised) an eagle project in the mountains. The guy is building Hogans. Looks hard. I just sat and talked. And showed magic tricks, of course. We got home around 2:30. Not expecting any calls, we get a call from President Smart.  My companion is getting transferred to the Yucca Valley zone in Desert Hot Springs to be a Zone Leader! After only being out 6 months in one area! So that was fun. That night was a fundraiser for the scouts and young women.  It was a taco dinner, and a silent/verbal auction. It was just like ours, in a way.  People were buying cakes for $50 (go good cause motivation!), but people would be bidding one dollar more to get stuff, and there was one lady who would bid on nearly everything. It reminded me exactly like ours, except slightly more hilarious.  No cattle auctioneer, though. That was the cherry on top for ours.
Later that night I got the wonderful surprise of learning that, despite my disability, I am staying in my area. I will be with an Elder Romney for his last transfer. Since there apparently is only one loaner car, I have to share it with another companionship that is physically unable to ride bike due to doctor's orders. So that will be fun figuring that out.
Not much happened on Sunday expect for Elder Hayden saying good-byes, a really good dinner, and post 8:00pm tracting. Today we had a really good breakfast at Denny's (for the first time in like, 10 years, for me). I actually recommend going there. Slightly expensive, but really good.  Everyone said their good-byes. Now we are here writing emails at the library.  Later today I will be cleaning for my new companion, Elder Romney whom I hear is really cool. I am excited to meet him.   Elder Haiden, my trainer was great, but 3 months with one person is enough.
I just realized that I have been on my mission for as long as I was in Morocco! Wow. Time flies.
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays


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