Love the Mission Hate the Devil

May 27, 2013

This week was filled with dropped appointments. One right after another. My companion, who is almost done with his mission, said it was one of the longest weeks of his whole mission! The strange people that we meet along the way don't help.

  Had a great interview with President Smart. He made me really think about if I am giving the Lord my all. It really has changed my outlook on things. I also made it a goal to have more effective studying, so i am going through all the Christ-Like attributes in Preach My Gospel  and studying those. I recommend that you guys do it too!

  The highlight of the week was going to the temple. It was fantastic as usual. We went to Cafe Rio, where I pigged out. I think I will start losing weight eventually. Might as well get fat while I have the boot on (my will power for resisting food has gone down. Not that it was high before, but it is still lower. dang.)

  We had a lesson with one of our progressing investigators, who always have some odd concerns. We were at their house for THREE HOURS. Wasn't planned out like that, but the discussion kept going on. Answered some good questions. During the whole time, I really felt the spirit. A lot. It was actually really cool. I was hoping I would say something profound during the lesson, but nothing really stuck out to me, though I hope I said something that they needed to hear. 

  Even P-day yesterday was long. We went around with Victor, our awesome ward missionary,  running a few errands, which was hard on Memorial Day. The 2nd hand store was closed. The Magic shop was closed (still haven't gone there!) He took us out to lunch, then we helped him shop a little for his own up coming mission. Then we popped into Barnes and Noble and flipped through the religion section, which was only one book case. The whole top shelf was Mormon stuff, some good, some STUPID. Lots of the books not put out by the church, I must give a thumbs up to the Mormonism for Dummies. My comp flipped through that one, and it did a fairly good job. I saw a book that said "Edited for the 2008 Election" which ruined any hope of credibility. I was right. Felt bad for all the stuff that is out there. I hope I can reach people before they reach for these books. Nothing particularly anti- .   Just annoying. Entertaining nonetheless. 

  That is pretty much my week. Now that it's our turn for the car again, we hope to be (even more) productive!
Glad to hear all is well at home. All is well on the mission.
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays

My scripture case at the moment! Got me and my sibs, Grandma and Grandpa Summerhays, and Sydney right on the inside. Send more pics!

On exchanges. An investigator who had a parrot that cleaned teeth. Wish I hadn't flossed that day, that way I could have measured the effectiveness of it's dentistry.

Longest Week So Far

May 21, 2013

Hello Awesome-Sauce Readers,

This weeks has been THE longest week of my mission so far. It was even one of the longest ones for my companion, and he goes home in 4 weeks! I'll just give the highlights.
We had one quasi investigator, who we finally decided to start actually teaching, totally shoot us down. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon, and she asked some good questions. Eventually, something snapped, and she just called us and the book completely blasphemous. She wouldn't listen any more, and kicked us out of her house. On paper it doesn't sound like much, but it was a very sobering experience. It was definitely a testimony builder from God, seeing if we would stick to the basics when being challenged. Kind of glad we don't have to teach her any more, she was a little crazy. She was nice at first, at least. Oh well.

I saw someone from my BYU ward! I forget her name ( I didn't know her too well), but she did look familiar. Eventually she came up to us and said "Hi Caleb!" She knew I was going to her mission, but not into her area, so it surprised her as much as me. It was cool. Made me a little BYU sick, but cool.
I don't know if I have talked much about Victor. He is a recent convert of almost a year, and is going on a mission. He is 22, and super cool. He is super prepared to go, definitely more prepared than me. He is out Ward Missionary Lead Assistant, so he has already had a good share of teaching lessons with the missionaries. He is leaving for Tempe, Arizona on July 17th. So that happened this week.
One morning we decided as an apartment to study together. And by study, I mean listed to J. Golden Kimball give a hilarious, colorful talk. I like his idea about what he thought at first about his mission. "Let's just burn down the Southern States and do baptisms for the dead!" Thankfully I don't see that necessary for my mission. Probably felt the spirit once or twice during his talk. Still pretty good, though!

Those are the highlights of the week. Everything else was tracting, trying to figure out what to do when the back-up for our back-up for our back-up falls through, or when LITERALLY, everyone of of our investigators were sick and couldn't/still can't teach them. Got four new investigators, though, which is always great.

Loved the letters you guys sent me! I hope you have found our lizard Sydney by now! If not, just study the Plan of Salvation and find comfort in the scriptures.
I love you all, and hope all is well. Looking forward to MORE letters from you! :)
Elder Summerhays

A tower a missionary made from stuff on my desk while I was away. 

Got my hair cut by a member. I enjoyed it very much.

Same Place, New Companion!

May 13, 2013

Elder Summerhays and Elder Romney Companionship

Hello Peops,
     I have a new companion! His name is Elder Romney, and, yes, he is related to Mitt Romney (Grandpa's cousin).  It is his last transfer, and he is back in Beaumont. He served the first 7.5 months of his mission here, now he is covering the other half of the city. He is pretty cool, and certainly a great help in helping me continue to grow and learn in the field.
     It's kind of funny. The first day or two he was here, we ran into a bunch of the people he had taught or had befriended the first time he was here. We even got a couple lunch appointments out of it.
Since there is another missionary that can't ride a bike, we have to share the car. When we don't have a car, we walk A LOT.  We were lucky enough to be teaching someone when it started pouring rain, and then came to a slight drizzle when we started walking home.
     The doctor decided that I no longer need crutches! :D But I need to be in a boot for at least another month D: But I'll take it.
     We had lunch with a Sister (not missionary) in a ward that E. Romney had served in before, and it was great. She told us stories about her son who served in SLC.  Quite the exciting mission.  We went to a taco place called "Taco's and Beer", which was really good. I thought I would try something tasty and got some quesodillas with Cabeza (head) and Lengue (tongue). It didn't really taste as exotic as I had hoped. It tasted like pulled pork. Still tasty.
    We've been dropping investigators like flies. One person just wanted to bash, and one is too crazy to comprehend the gospel, although she loves it when we pray, but we can't get a word in otherwise! Sad.
We taught a CTR 5 class, which was crazy. Some kids behave, and some kids were telling me how lava was made. The funniest, and most surprising, part of class was when we asked them who wrote the Book of Mormon. "Joseph Smith!" Nooooo "Moroni!" Yes, but what were they all? It starts with a "P" Then one kid yells out "Penis!" Me and E. Romney weren't sure what to think. He said it twice, just to make sure we head it. The answer was prophets, by the way.
     I LOVED TALKING WITH MY FAMILY. I MISS THEM SO MUCH. I AM  SO HAPPY FOR ANIMATION CHEFS AND GUITAR AND THE GARAGE AND STUFF. I have been praying for you, Noah. I really hope you find Sydney. Just remember the Plan of Salvation, though.
     Hope all is well, and I promise to start taking more pictures.

Love you all,
Elder Summerhays

Junkyard Revisited

May 6, 2013

Hello all,
It has been an interesting week this week. Let's begin.....
THE Junkyard
So I ate the Junk yard challenge. A 2.5 lbs. sandwich, 32oz drink ( i chose water), a 16oz shake (vanilla) and a large order of fries. I was REALLY close to beating the 10:56 min  record, but those last bites just killed me.  I did it in about 15-17 minutes. Not sure what was considered "done", but I ate it. It.. hurt... so... good.
Sandwich Shoppe owner mocking me


 Later that day I got my first MRI on my ankle.  Pretty relaxing.  I was supposed to have a checkup today (a week later), but that fell through due to lack of communication from the mission office. Oh well.
I have officially been out a little over three months now! It has flown by.  I am an 1/8th done with my mission! Crazy.
 These past couple weeks we have been on a roll getting new investigators, averaging about four or five a week.  Let's hope we keep them. We have also lost some, but that just means we can concentrate on the others more. Woo-hoo!
Oh, so a giant fire broke out in the hills the other day. about 50 acres burned. One building down. No one injured from what I heard. So yeah, that happened. Smoke everywhere. Got some cool pictures.

Small funny story. Explaining to an investigator how the Book of Mormon can answer and question at all, and sometimes randomly. I gave the example of "What should I do for school?" I flipped randomly to a page in the Book of Mormon. I forget the exact verse, but it pretty much said "And anyone came near to kill Ammon, he did smite off their arms." So that was fun. Probably won't do that again for a bit.
Tracting gave us some fun stories. Talked to one guy that who genuinely wanted to know where the geographical and biological evidence is for the Lamanites being the ancestors of most of the Native Americans. We directed him to Hugh Nibley. We will meet with him sometime this week. Then we talked to a lady who had a sister who passed away that was LDS that was curious, so there is some potential there. Then we talked to a guy for about 30 minutes on his doorstep. He was a crazy old Vietnam Vet who, half way through, we finally learned he was an inactive member. So we will work with him too. Interesting day that day.
The next day was fairly nostalgic. We helped (I supervised) an eagle project in the mountains. The guy is building Hogans. Looks hard. I just sat and talked. And showed magic tricks, of course. We got home around 2:30. Not expecting any calls, we get a call from President Smart.  My companion is getting transferred to the Yucca Valley zone in Desert Hot Springs to be a Zone Leader! After only being out 6 months in one area! So that was fun. That night was a fundraiser for the scouts and young women.  It was a taco dinner, and a silent/verbal auction. It was just like ours, in a way.  People were buying cakes for $50 (go good cause motivation!), but people would be bidding one dollar more to get stuff, and there was one lady who would bid on nearly everything. It reminded me exactly like ours, except slightly more hilarious.  No cattle auctioneer, though. That was the cherry on top for ours.
Later that night I got the wonderful surprise of learning that, despite my disability, I am staying in my area. I will be with an Elder Romney for his last transfer. Since there apparently is only one loaner car, I have to share it with another companionship that is physically unable to ride bike due to doctor's orders. So that will be fun figuring that out.
Not much happened on Sunday expect for Elder Hayden saying good-byes, a really good dinner, and post 8:00pm tracting. Today we had a really good breakfast at Denny's (for the first time in like, 10 years, for me). I actually recommend going there. Slightly expensive, but really good.  Everyone said their good-byes. Now we are here writing emails at the library.  Later today I will be cleaning for my new companion, Elder Romney whom I hear is really cool. I am excited to meet him.   Elder Haiden, my trainer was great, but 3 months with one person is enough.
I just realized that I have been on my mission for as long as I was in Morocco! Wow. Time flies.
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays
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