Mini Miracle

April 29, 2013

Dear people that spend time to read my letters,

P-day was good this week.  Then, in the evening we had a dinner appointment with which we had a mini-miracle experience.  Brother Pratt was our dinner host. Since he lived far away, he came to pick us up (which was very kind).  On his way,  the Elders Quorum President called and asked if he could give someone a blessing at a hospital.  He said that he could do it, but he would have to drop the elders off at his house. Then he realized, "Wait! I am picking up the Elders!  I'll just bring them with me!"  So we go to the hospital, and learn that it is a less active elderly woman, whom Bro Pratt did not know, but that we had spoke with a couple weeks prior. She recognized us, and was very glad to see us. We left her with a great blessing, and she seems to be getting better,  from what we have heard.  If the Lord needs something done, he makes sure it gets done. 

Tuesday was my first Multi-Zone meeting, which was awesome! We learned so many things! I took notes, and am (as always) becoming a better missionary. It was 6 hours long, but it was awesome.

Wednesday I went to the Ankle Specialist. My mission Nurse set up an appointment, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to go see him ( I was off crutches at that point). After some talking and another Xray (the urgent care one wasn't good enough), he determined THAT I have a partially torn tendon on the inside of my right ankle, and that I need to be on crutches and in a boot till further notice. I am getting an MRI today, and then an eventual check up with the doctor. So the rest of the week I have been on exchanges with my district leader or his companion, since they have a car.  I met a lot of people in the area (Banning) and showed a lot of magic tricks. 

Church was very good. We had only ONE investigator show up (a 10 y.o. who we are still waiting for the OK to baptize her).  A high counselor spoke and told the ward council that in the next coming months our stake will have two sets of missionaries per ward, most likely two elders and two sisters, as in the next couple of months there will be more sisters than elders in our mission. Also, they are working on finding home shares, and that we as missionaries will do less work to get team ups and dinner appointments. :D So that might result in a few less dinner appointments, but less work to get them.  It's all good.

That has pretty much been my week. Crutches have been a big pain. I walked 1.5 mile round trip to an appointment that canceled!  Still, it's been a learning experience.  For instance, I learned that it is possible to develop calluses below your arm pits.

Looking forward to the MRI today. I get to lay in a tube for 45 minutes! That will be good, because today I am doing the "Junkyard" again.  This time,  I am doing the whole challenge:   A 2.5 LBS SANDWICH WITH A 32 OZ. SHAKE AND ALMOST AND A QUARTER POUND OF FRIES!!!   After that, I will be watching what I eat. At least the portion size.  Something. I got two years. No worries.

Love you all,

Elder Summerhays


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