I'm Alive and Kickin'...But Only with One Leg

April 15, 2013

This week as been very interesting.

After much contemplation and persuasion, I decided to go to the Zone activity, which was at a trampoline place. Trampolines on the walls, there's a foam pit, you can play dodge ball, and a dunking place. Lots o fun. 

Dodge ball pit
After about an hour into it, and after playing dodge ball, running on trampolines, dunking basket balls, and doing front flips into a foam pit, I decided to not do anything fancy and just jump really high into the foam pit. I had done this plenty of times before at a similar place at BYU, where I did crazier stuff than at here. I get about eight or 10 feet in the air, and go for the last final jump into the pit. As I land and push off the tramp, I hear and feel a loud POP. I thought someone had smacked my leg before jumping. I landed in the pit, and asked if anyone did hit me. No one did. They pulled me out, we put some ice on it, and I watched everyone play intense rounds of dodge ball the rest of the time. We figured I had popped a ligament or something, and that I had not broken anything. That was a big relief to me, because that was the main thing going through my head. "Don't send me home, don't send me home." Not much else happened that day. I limped everywhere. I used a cane for the last part of the day (we had one in our apartment. We have everything.). Dream come true: I was like House! :D (I took a picture of me with a cane and in my suit. Forgot camera. Picture next week. Pretty cool, though. :D)
Dr. House

I learned that I could actually bike the next day, so the work did not stop! Not too much happened, but it was good to know that I could still ride a bike. I just had to be careful. The next day, I finally bought a bike! The guy there gave me an amazing deal, and am very grateful. Nice bike, too. Looking forward to riding more. Since we were buying a bike, I couldn't ride my bike to the shop, so we walked (I limped) all the way to the bike shop. Which was about a mile. We met a guy, a formally broke man who won $500K from a medical lawsuit. He just gives the stuff away, as he feels he doesn't deserve it. He even donated to the church, though I don't know how much, but probably a good chunk. He had the really great potential to be a good solid investigator. I showed him a bunch of tricks and he flipped out. I told him if we came back, I would teach him one, and he agreed. I later learn that we wasn't in our area, and that he is in the other companionship's area. So we did a trade off lesson. He will be an awesome investigator. We will stop in from time to time, though, to show him more magic and just to talk. Great guy.
That same day, we met a guy that basically told us to get out of our "lucifarian religion" while we still could. He brought up Revelations. We shot it down. We bore solid testimonies and just confused the guy with how we would sacrifice our whole life for something evil. We told him that we had prayed about it for ourselves and learned that it was true. He would not pray about it because he "didn't want to insult God". We told him that he was actually insult God by not praying about it, as the scriptures teach to do for everything. Oh well. He had his chance. Hopefully, one day, he will have a change of heart. We thanked him for his concern for our well being, and left.
On Friday, we realized that my leg was starting to swell and turn red, which was a good sign to go to Urgent Care. We eventually got around to it. Got an X-ray, and learned that I had sprained my PTLR(?) on my ankle. Verdict: Crutches for five days, and an ankle brace for two months. President Smart himself dropped off a car for us on Sunday to use for the week so we could get around, so there's that plus. The crutches that I am borrowing are to short, so I will just have to give in and buy some good ones. Sunday was good. At one point, we were invited to talk to primary children about the gift of healing. Me in crutches and my comp with an Ace bandage on his wrist for a reoccurring soccer injury made it kind of funny.
So there's the update. I guess it's crutches for the next week. My arm pits are killing me since the crutches are small, but I'm making stuff work.
Love you all,
Elder Summerhays


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