Another Week Servin' the Lord

April 1, 2013

Hello family!
Just to get it out of the way, I had my first crash on a bike on Tuesday! We were on our way home, so it was dark. Since we were riding it primarily lit streets, I didn't realize that I had forgotten to turn my headlight on. Once we got out of the main roads, there were no street lights, which is when I realized that my light wasn't on. So for a split second, I looked down to turn on my light, which is exactly when I hit a garbage can. I didn't fly over it, since it was one of those Green cans that you put weeds and stuff in it, but I did go a little over the handlebars onto the can, which I knocked over. Wasn't too full, so it was easy to clean up. No major injuries, though I ripped my pants and tore the skin on my knee, which of course hurt a lot. We walked the rest of the way home, since it wasn't too far away. It hurts too much to ride a bike, though. We called the Mission Nurse, and she said to hold off on any walking or riding. Then the aliens came and took us to their planet, which we converted. April Fools. Hope I got you a little. Okay, now I will write a good letter. The rest of this is all true. Hope April fools is good at home. What did Google do this year?
We learned that our district had 100% of the baptisms out of the entire zone, and about 80% of member present lessons. So that was a good moral boost!
The next day most of our appointments fall through (surprise, surprise), yet we managed to have a pretty full day. We talked to Josh and his family, and got them all to commit to get down to four cigarettes a day (down from 7, which was down from 10). Incentive? Eventual baptism, not getting cancer, and I will teach them a magic trick of their choice. It's worked so far, let's hope it works this time!
 Then we taught a couple that we have been trying to get in touch with for the longest time. We were there for two hours, primarily because Phillip, the husband, really knows how to get off topic. It was a great discussion, though, and we are going back soon. We asked him if there was anything he wanted us to study and share with him the next time. The first things that came to his mind were Easter and Luke. So we will have some fun stuff to share then. Did you know that Easter is as related to Christ, as far as the time we celebrate it, as Christmas is to his actual birth? It was just another pagan holiday that turned into a Christian one. Bible Dictionary. Boom. 
I went on my first exchange this week. Nothing super awesome happened, or at least that I am allowed to share. However, we did visit a part member family, where the mom the only member and her daughters are taking the lessons. Long story short: I showed them magic tricks, they loved me, wanted me to stay for dinner and play Cranium because I some how did a good enough impression of Matthew McConaughey, but then my comp called his comp and told him that the family doesn't love him anymore, which made the family fight back and say that they still did. He ended up going to dinner with the primary reason being that a couple people that they wanted me to show them tricks to were not there, so when they are there, we will go on exchanges again and go to dinner there. So that was fun. Awesome family. 
Saturday was a very long day. At 8:00, we went and played Disc Golf (the investigator that we were supposed to go with told us he couldn't come an hour after we started. Ugh.) I did horribly most of the time, and didn't get passed most of the "ladies tees" or "Dink-Out" zones. Thankfully, we weren't playing those rules. The very last basket, though, I threw a near perfect shot, and birdied it. Everyone thought I was hustling them that day. I left it at that. :) Then we helped a family in our neighboring ward move in their daughter. It was a lot of fun. I forgot to mention a while ago, but the family that we helped does some international humanitarian stuff, so they spent a couple weeks in Morocco. It was the first time I was able to talk about the Madina, or Fez, or Orange Juice stands at Merikesh, or feeding monkeys to anyone that I did not see there. They even went to the same branch (or what was left of it) that I did. (They met the Myers! Small world)
So far today, it has been a pretty quite April Fools day. We helped convinced our district leader's "Missionary Mom" that he broke his ankle and was leaving early. It was awesome. She completely forgot it was April Fool's day. 
That's it from California for this week. Am super excited for General Conference!!! Hope to learn a lot that will help me become a better missionary. Are these letters too long? Anything specific you want to hear about?

Love you all,

Elder Summerhays

P.S. As always, send me addresses. Post something on Facebook. Smoke Signals. Whatever. Love you all, again. 
Thought you would like to see my planner on my busy days.


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