A Week on Crutches

April 22, 2013

Hello People,

It's been a hard life on crutches this week. The first P-day with crutches was a downer. The Magic Shop was closed, learned that new crutches cost $70 (my loaner crutches were three inches short) , and money was tight. Frugal to the max for one more week!
I went on splits with another missionary.  I went tracting, and walked about seven blocks in crutches, half of it up hill. 'Twas crazy!
Thank you for the AWESOME package of letters and pictures! I loved it. The picture of our lizard Sydney with a tie on cracked me up. I'm going to put some of those pictures on my scripture case.
It was really sad to hear about the Boston Bombing. I hope we didn't know anyone in the race! I did hear that they caught the guys, so that's good.
We got five new investigators this week! A couple who just got started into church, a family of former investigators that wanted to start up, a crazy but nice lady (who it is nearly impossible to have a phone conversation shorter than 20 minutes because of how much she talks, and how off topic she gets. Nice lady though), and a Vietnam Vet who is an awesome guy and really wants to get into the church. Looking forward to this week.

The highlight of this week I think was a couple days ago.  We saw some kids outside of a house, so we went and started talking. It was all good. I then showed them a magic trick and blew their minds.  The mom and kids invited me back for a birthday party the next day to show them some tricks. The plan was do be there for about 20 minutes. I would show them some tricks, talk about Jesus, and potentially set up a return appointment. So we go back the next day.  The mom offered us some pizza, which was delicious. We started talking while the little kids were eating.  In a nut shell, she makes the stuff that interior designers use.  That's all I can remember. She would get along nicely with Mary Glad. So we talked for about 20 minutes, then I did about 10 or 15 minutes of magic and they really got into it, had more pizza, and then I STARTED MAKING BALLOON ANIMALS!  I went all magician mode for TWO HOUR!.  It was awesome!  The whole time talking to the parents there, making balloon dogs, giraffes and hats.  She loved our help and conversation, and will potentially be seeing her on Wednesday.  We befriended them as much as possible, and will leave a spiritual thought at their house when we can catch them. It was a lot of fun. 

Sunday was crazy.  One of our investigators ( She is the crazy but nice lady) came to church. It was a big ordeal getting her to church since she wasn't ready when her ride came to pic her up. Apparently she started asking people for food, money, and rides to random places.  It was our fault for not entirely explaining the purpose of coming to church.  We were going to tell her after sacrament meeting, but she disappeared!  No one knew where she was!  People didn't complain, but many had the same reaction that all the missionary have when they first meet this woman, that she has a few screws loose. She is really nice though, and really wants (and needs) the gospel in her life. She will be a project,  but it'll be quite an experience.

Dinner that night was pretty fun. It was at a part member family's home (the husband says that he is tolerant to religion. Really cool guy though, and has been around missionaries for about 12 years). We were helping prepare dinner, when my comp said that he got a glass of water, and filled up my cup while he was at it. I thanked him, and took a sip. All of the sudden, my lips started to sting. The water was spicy. I asked him if he did anything to my cup. He said no, and that he just got the water from the fridge. So I kept drinking, and my lips and throat got hotter. They were turning red!  I got a different cup and drank some milk, but that didn't help at all! I went to the bathroom and bathed my lips in cold water.  I was freaking out, thinking I had some strange allergic reaction to something I touched.  I came out of the bathroom and first thing the husband said was "I grow my own peppers."  It's a tradition for him, whenever he has a new missionary over, to rub an Argentinian Lemon pepper on the rim of the glass.  He got me good.  He gave us some peppers to get the other missionaries.  Look up the pepper.  I'm not sure what the scale is and how it's measured, but it is rated at 600,000. A jalapeno is only 6000. So that was a lot of fun.  Of course, I got him back by blowing his mind with magic tricks.  They even requested I did a magic trick they had seen, which I had never done before, figured it out in my head, and did it for them. Had a lot of fun.

I have a doctor's appointment this Wednesday to check up on my ankle. Looking forward to that. I am finally off the crutches (and we had to give the car back to the mission home), but I am still being really careful.  I'm praying hard.
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays
PS. Read Isaiah 29 (in 2 Nephi) where is prophecies of the Book of Mormon. Pretty crazy.  


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