WEEK 2 !!!!!

Date: Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 4:54 PM

Dear family,
I am writing this email not sure what I am going to write. So as I said before in my other email, thoughts may not be connected. It may improve when I am in the field, but not in the MTC.
This week has been fun. I forget what happnend, but I know it was a good week. The days blend together here. I didn't realize it was going to be my birthday till the day before. My brithday feels like a week ago. Thanks for sending me that care package. Had most of what I needed. Wish I had a piano room I could go to, but it's kind of hard with a companion. Thanks for the food! Just had the cookies, and almost finished both Nutter Butter things. I finished the first one on my birthday. I am trying to lose weight here (and I have! 7-10 pounds!) BUT EVERYONE IS SENDING ME JUNK FOOD!!!! Send me like a protien shake or something. Wayne and Pam sent me a bunch of yummy snacks. I am almost done with the krispy kreeme donuts. Grandma sent me a bunch of food (even bean dip and caramel!), and even a CD player with some speakers! (Don't worry mom, I sent a thank you note to everyone one.) I Just got a letter from Liz (thank you note in process), which was loverly. Did you hear about Grey?! FREAKING JAPAN!!!! (am I aloud to say freaking?) IT'S FREAKING JAPAN!!!!! Ni hong guo ma Nashi Maska (Do you speak Japanese?) is all I know. Add everyone in the family, both sides, to the mailing list. Have you created a blog yet? Granted there wouldn't be much to put on it, but I think it would be a good idea. Email list in the time being, though. Or at the same time. Do whatever. Just let people know how I am doing.
I can't even think of miscelaneous news. It's just been the MTC here. Study, go to class, eat, study, go to class, eat, teach, then go to devotional on occasion. Getting suit dry cleans Wednesday. The buttons aren't falling off, but the strands keep poking out, no matter how much I cut them. Getting haircut (free!) on Saturday. I also bought a hymn book, which will probably be more handy in the MTC than in the field, but they only cost $10, and it is free engraving. So I bought it.
I am sorry I can't really say much. I am just learning and learning. Personal Study time is on and off. Sometimes I actually study. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I memorize. I am getting better though. SO thankful for the 3 weeks here. Any recommemded study topics?
Also, Dad, how much of D&C 121 did you memorize? I'm up to verse 9. I feel like you started in the middle. I might as well just memorize the whole thing, but that would be procrastinating actually studying. 40-something verses.
What else should I memorize?
Keep sending me letters. I love it. Tell people on Facebook to send me letters. I love it.
Elder Summerhays


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