The Junkyard

March 25, 2013

Ni Hao!
So much happened this week.
I did the Junkyard. Pictures pretty much say it. I didn't rush it, and did it in about 10 minutes, and was the second one to finish it out of the four that actually did. I ate all the fried zucchini and 3 cups of diet coke and root beer. Felt awesome!

The Junkyard

Doin' it!

Early in the week, on our way to our District Meeting, we got a text from Jeff and Ashely, our most progressing investigators, saying that they had "talked, and have decided to discontinue the lessons and find their own path to God." We were super bummed. We planted the seed, but we were still bummed. Oh well. BUT! Later that day we set up a return appointment with a stranger we left a prayer with (more on that later), and had an amazing lesson with a new investigator named Omar. He is a super funny guy, and (if he finds these things to be true) is on date for baptism on May 4! We have met once more with him since, and really enjoys talking to us. He said if it brings him closer to God, than he will definitely follow it. He is one of my favorite investigators. 
We had a great lesson on Faith with Josh. We saw a bottle on his porch, and we got scared. Turned out to be a root beer bottle, so he is still doing great! Sober 3 weeks now!
We started teaching this homeless girl named Lena that we had left a prayer with a long time ago. She is moving from friend's house to friend's house. Really nice. We put her on date for May 18th. We gave her a Book of Mormon, which is when she told us she can't read. She is 19. BUT. She is a white Mexican. She can speak perfect English (which she didn't learn till she was in 4th grade), but hardly any Spanish, but can READ in Spanish, but hardly any English. We got her a Spanish BoM, and am looking forward to teaching her further.
Had a Trainer-Trainee meeting, which was great. Wonderful talks from Pres. and Sis. Smart.\
We got news of who was leaving and coming when transfers came around. We are getting a new Zone leader, who is apparently really cool. Everyone in our district is staying expect the Spanish Elders, who are getting doubled out for two Spanish speaking Sisters. As cool as that is, our ride to meetings and Wal-Mart is now gone, since we can't ride with the Sisters. Ugh. Will have to figure something out.
Sunday was amazing. Josh and his family stayed the full three hours of church. If Josh was paying attention, which he seemed to be, then the things that were taught that day should have really hit hard to him. After dinner, we went and taught Jake, the son of the lady who we left a prayer with earlier that week. We only taught him, since he and his mom work different times and have different times off. In a nutshell, Jake really wants to get baptized. He asked us "What do I need to do to get baptized? Can I get baptized tomorrow?" It caught us off guard. We obviously wanted him to know more about the church and the importance of baptism, which is where is knowledge was lacking. He had never heard of the Book of Mormon till we showed it to him! And he is 20! He is excited to read it. He told us that after we left the prayer/blessing with him, the next day he was driving to work. A guy honked a bunch at him. Jake finally looked and saw the guy pointing a whole bunch to Jake's front right tire. He pulled over, and saw that another piece of tire with some metal on it was stuck to his tire. He yanked it out, and realized that if he had got for maybe 10 minutes more, his tire would have blown. SO. If we hadn't stopped a lady and offered her a prayer, she would not have called her son out. If we had not invited them to be baptized after the prayer, we would not have learned that Jake really wanted to get baptized. We would have never made a return appointment, and would have never had him on date FOR APRIL 6TH. We are planning on doing it between sessions of G.C. This is going to be an awesome transfer.
After that, Omar canceled because he was sick (dang it), but we did help teach a stranger from Nigeria how to ride a bike. At 8:00. for 35 minutes. Cool dude. We then went to Walgreens to talk to people, where we "coincidentally" ran into a lady E. Hayden  had talked to a while ago. She asked if we could leave a prayer with her (which we did), get another copy of the BoM (which we did), and if we got eventually get her a Spanish copy for her cousin (which we just happened to have since we got one for Lena and one just in case). Really a great night.
That's all from California! I still can't believe I am am a missionary. It just feels normal now. I am loving it.
PLEASE GIVE ME EMAIL ADDRESSES. HOME ADDRESSES. ANYTHING. I like writing people. I love it more when they write me back. :)
Love you all. Enjoy the cold. 

Elder Summerhays


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