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March 11, 2013


So, I will start off with two fun bits of news we received this week.

New Boundaries:
Murrieta to the Carlsbad Mission
Palm Desert, Redlands, Yucaipa and Yucca Valley to the Redlands Mission
Corona, Hemet, Jurupa, Menifee, Moreno Valley and Riverside to the Riverside Mission
Not sure if they are just going to keep missionaries when the switch happens (July 1st, in the middle of a transfer) but we will see. This potentially means that I won't be able to see my friend's family in Murietta. Oh well.

I can now EMAIL and receive email from recent converts, OTHER MISSIONARIES, AND FRIENDS!!! So, please have everyone send me there email, whether it be through Facebook or them just sending me an email so I can write them! I still love hand written letters, though, which may work better for me. This way I don't have to "waste" time reading your email during my email time, and just use the whole time responding to it.

So there's that. Now for what has happened this week.
Our investigator Josh is: 
       Good news: Quitting Alcohol
       Bad news: won't be home for a month
He is at his parents house to help him quit. Talked to him on the phone yesterday, seems like he is doing fine. Hoping to see him soon so we can start teaching him again.
Had a lesson with Jeff and Ashley, people we tracted into my first day here, and it was AMAZING. It was super amazing. He loved the concept of families being together forever, and agreed with most of what he said. The only concerns he has (so far) is why go to church when he has us, and why pay tithing (which he knew about before hand) when he is generally really charitable anyway? We will cross that bridge later. Gave them a Book of Mormon and Proc. of the Fam. to read. Meeting with them Wednesday.
I loved the birthday letter and the cards from the Lewis girls! Keep them coming!!!
Ran into a Pentecostal youth minister while on an exchange. He was really cool, and we agreed with everything he said! Why we are here on earth, the BoM is not adding to the Bible, families are the most important thing. He said all of these things! The best part is that after we prayed for him on his door step, he wanted to pray for us. It was a pretty intense prayer. He touched our arms a lot, asking the Lord to protect us, etc. I could really feel the Spirit. The best part of the prayer is when he said "FATHER GOD, PLEASE BLESS THESE YOUNG MEN, THAT THEY MAY GO OUT AND BAPTIZE, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON, JESUS CHRIST, AND OF THE HOLY GHOST!" Already doing that, my friend. Already doing that. We expect to meet with him again sometime soon.
We went to teach a 10 y/o investigator who's grandma is a convert. We instead starting talking/teaching a guy that was there who's mom was the victim of a brutal homicide down the street! It was really powerful stuff. The next time we went to teach the 10 y/o, she was actually leaving, and we talked to the guy again! Gave him a BoM, basically told him it would solve his problems with smoking, drinking, etc. He said he would read it whenever he got the chance. He is going back to N. Carolina, so we won't get to meet with him again. He has our number, though.

For service, one day, we helped a guy demolish his house. Tore down a couple walls with a sledge hammer. Picked up and hauled a couple hundred pounds of shingles and stuck-em rubble.  Didn't bring camera. Just picture it. It was cool. A lot of work, but cool.
We ran into John, an awesome investigator who is too busy. Still haven't met with him, lesson-wise. He didn't answer the door at first, but did later- in his towel. Awkward and funny at the same time. We rescheduled (which fell through).
It was ward conf. at church. Some good talks. Good meetings. Had dinner with a family who knew my friend and his family from Murietta. Small world.
Fun story of the week. Our roommate companionship had their bikes stolen out of our garage. Me and my comp. usually lock our bikes, because our garage is just one big room, sectioned off slightly, with multiple doors. The other elders just leave their bikes in the garage without locking them up. Told em' so. I suggested calling the cops, or at least a brother in our ward that is a policeman. Until then, they borrowed some bikes. Then, at 11:30 at night, we hear a pounding on the door. My comp answers, and it's our policeman brother, dressed in a hoodie, sweats, and moccasins, with the bikes! Comp asked "Where did you get them?" He said "That's not important. Just know that the people that stole your bikes now know not to steal from the missionaries or the church!" 
So that was pretty exciting.
That's the word from California! How is it going out there?  Animation Chefs still going strong? Is our lizard Sydney still alive?

Elder Summerhays


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