February 11, 2013

Dear Family,
It has been pretty tough here at the MTC. The toughest part I would say so far is "Personal Study", which I need to learn to like, because I get about three hours of it a day. On Sunday, we had three straight hours of study time. It was tough, and I fell asleep reading a few times, but it's getting better. The food here is delicious, but after working out for the first time in a while, I've decided to stay away from deserts, except on weekends, which I may eventually narrow down to just Sunday. During Companion Study time, me and Elder Kirkland spend most of our time planning for our mock investigators. It's pretty nerve racking, but I'm glad we have now to screw up so we know how to fix it. An example of one is that we were trying to explain the importance of baptism. She didn't understand why she needed to get baptized again. We explain a bunch of stuff, but it all came down to us forgetting to establish the church's authority. The restoration is an important, but hard to teach lesson. It doesn't make any sense unless they stay till the end. I'm still working on it. We have our first TRC, which stands for Teaching Resource Center. It's kind of like the same thing with the mock investigators, but these people could actually be real investigators. Plus, we don't have any background info, and it's for 30 min. instead of 15.
In case you couldn't tell, I'm just typing whatever comes to mind, so nothing flows. Sorry if I talk about the gospel, then directly to food.
I realized that these buildings have probably been here since Dad was on a mission. Some have been renovated, but they look and feel old. Dad, do you remember which building you stayed in? I'm in 12 M. So there ya go. Today is our first P Day, and it was been quite busy. We woke up at 6:15 to get a sack breakfast, as we had be at the temple at 7:10. We were second in line. The Provo temple is pretty different that the Manhattan one, but it is pretty. I think I like the Manhattan one better, though. Laundry takes forever. Won't bore you with details. Just a bunch of Elders and Sisters waiting for stuff to get wet then stuff to get dry.
Bruce Summerhays seems to be the most popular Summerhays among the people who recognize my name. I've met one who had him as a Mission Pres., and one who has a brother that has him as a Mission Pres. Then everyone else relates to golf. I get a bunch of random Summerhays' that I don't know, but I tell them that I'm sure that we are related. I don't have the names infrot of me now. My Branch Pres. (who looks like a cross between Pres. Seely and Tony Bennet. Try to imagine it. I'll get a picture some time) says that he knows a Don and someone else Summerhays somewhere in N. California. Know them?
As a last note, try your best to find Elder Bednar's MTC Devotional talk. If they don't post them, I'll send you some of my notes. THE best talk I have ever heard. He didn't come here, we just saw a recording, but it was THAT good that they continue to show it. Seriously, after you are done reading, replying, and putting together my care package, look for it. Super good.
I love you guys, and I'll make sure to send you the occasional hand written letter. Post my MTC address on Facebook, and say that I'll be here till FEB. 19th. Oh, and Birhtday cards are must appritiated. And/or gifts. Those are good too. I'll post pictures next week when I have more time.
Things I have memorized:
-D&C: 4
-The Standard of Truth
-JSH 1: 16-17
-"Your Purpose" for missionaries
Anything else I can memorize? It's my break from actually reading. Think of it as me playing the piano to get away from homework. It's productive, but I should really be doing something else.
Love you guys!
Elder Summerhays

First district

Elder Summerhays and Elder Kirkland
Provo Temple


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