Hi. I'm Elder Summerhays, and you're not.

Date: Mon, Mar 4, 2013

Dear Easterners,
This week has been eventful and disappointing. A lot has happened, so don't expect this letter to flow.
Finally met an investigator that we have had trouble meeting with since he is so busy. His name is John. He loves golf, and his son does magic tricks. Jackpot.
We went to meet a good referral. They weren't home. Decided to make some phone calls while in their drive way. Five minutes later, the family pulls up. She invites us in. Showed her kids a bunch of tricks. They have taken the discussions before, and are pretty interested. Right before we were about to leave, her husband pulls up in the driveway, so we got to meet him as well. Great family. Excited to teach them. They are 7th Day Adventists, so it will be interesting to learn (potentially) more about what they believe. We are having dinner there in the upcoming weeks, and are going to help them paint the inside of their house. Lots o' fun.
Met a new, inactive convert. She reminded me a bunch of our former neighbor Kathy. Great lady.
Biked 3.5 miles uphill to pull fox tails for a lady. I got a fun rash on my hands. She promises gloves next time.
The main stumbling block that we have been running into, I would say, is that people think we believe in a different Jesus than them. I'm starting to believe it my self. We don't want to bash with them, but we have plenty of scripture to "prove" them wrong. Oh well. When they are ready, they have our number.
We are teaching a guy named Josh, who is slowly but surely progressing. Remember him in your prayers if you can to help him with the Word of Wisdom.
We went to the Redlands Temple.  Super pretty.  I will try to upload pictures. I forgot my camera, but my comp. had his. Super beautiful.

Talked to a Brother that had visited Morocco for work. It was awesome to finally meet someone who could appreciate what I know and did, and visa-versa.
The depressing, reaccuring event that seems to keep happening is that our appointments keep dropping. We had one service and 4 lessons drop in one day! We have only managed to have two lessons all week, and it was with the same guy.

I am proud to say that I, Elder Summerhays, with no prior knowledge or experience, except from Grandma R. 10 or so years ago, SEWED A WHOLE IN MY SUIT PANTS ALL BY MY SELF. It looks pretty good. Should hold. Hopefully.
Had Stake conference. Called a new presidency. Wasn't has awesome as our stake conferences, but still good.
While tracting, we met someone. He said he was from a small town in Utah we probably never heard of. I said try me. He said Annabella. We wasn't born there, so I am not related to him, but he's pretty sure he knows Grandpa. His name is John Williams. Let Grandpa know.
Here's something that you guys will get a kick out of. This morning, we went to help someone move a couch out of their house. They were an older couple, about mid 60s. I saw an Xbox 360 with a bunch of games in a cupboard. I joked with her, asking if she has grandkids that come over often. She says nope, SHE PLAYS THEM. Here are a list of games of the top of my head that this 65 year old women has been playing for a couple of years: Red Dead Redemption, DeadRising3, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout, Bioshock, Nightmare, and nearly every Cabella's Hunting game. She says that she can't wait for Bioshock Infinite, because they have delayed it twice! SHE HAS PLAYED ALL OF THESE GAMES AND THEN SOME. And the best part? She said something along the lines of, if not exactly, "I'm retired! I need something to do with my time and money". SOUND FAMILIAR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! We recommended her to get Halo 4 and Black Ops 2. She says she's thinking about it. This lady probably has about 30 or 40 Xbox 360 games. Me and the other missionaries thought this was hilarious. We may be going on a fishing trip one of these Pdays with her husband, who is pretty cool. 
That is the extent of my week. The dropped appointments have been pretty disappointing, but there have been plenty of high points. This weeks is looking to be a little more eventful.

Love you all,
Elder Summerhays


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