58 New Missions!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Just take a look at the new announcement. Bruce Summerhays apparently is up for release as well. I hope my friend's hometown, Murietta, isn't taken out of my mission. I will know by July. 

Elder Summerhays

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Elder Summerhays,

This is an exciting time to be a full time missionary as the Lord  hastens His work.  More and more young men and young women are accepting  the Prophet's invitation and call to serve.

Today in the  Church News 58 new missions are bring announced.  Many of these  new missions will come from realigning boundaries of existing missions.  Our mission will be one of those that will have its boundaries changed.   The actual change will take place in July but the announcement of  those changes is happening today.  Our mission as it exists today, will be  modified and become a part of three missions: the California Riverside  Mission, the California Redlands Mission and the California Carlsbad  Mission.

I am giving you permission to access LDSChruchNews.COM today  where you can read about the exciting announcement.  The paper will not be published until tomorrow morning but the online version is available now.  Go online to LDSChurchNews.COM and see for yourself  this historic announcement.
What  this will mean for each of us individually, I don't yet know.  I only  know that we are all here at this time because we are strong and we can  help the Lord as He hastens His work.

With Love,
President Smart


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