Doing Fine

Date: Feb. 25, 2013


Sorry Mom, I haven't got your letter yet. The mail hasn't come yet today, and I am not sure how fast the Mission Office is at forwarding mail. I am looking forward to it though.

It has been quite a past few days. One of our great investigators, Calvin, got baptized a couple days ago. He is married to a member, and wanted to take the lessons. He is one of those people that has been practically living the LDS lifestyle, but just was not baptized. He and his wife are great. He and and our Assistant Ward Mission Leader beat me and E. Hayden in pool, but only because I scratched on the 8 ball. Gah. I also played the piano at his baptism. I forget the title, but it was hymn #100. I had never played it before. My sight reading and the Spirit definitely helped me out on that one.
I have never felt so out of shape in my life. I am going to have the biggest, muscular legs at the end of my mission. We biked 3.5 miles up hill to mow a member's lawn (we have to go back on Wednesday to finish), but the bike ride down hill was super fun. Somewhat looking forward to it again.
The power went out a couple times one day. So when it happened again a couple days ago, we figured it would turn back on in 15 minutes. IT TOOK THREE HOURS!!! Our microwave dinner was cooked on a gas stove in the dark. It was delicious. We were only there for about an hour till we had to go teach Calvin.
I thoroughly enjoyed church on Sunday. The ward is fantastic. I taught an improv lesson in Gospel Principles on the Holy Ghost. It went a lot better than I expected. Priesthood meeting was great too. I introduced myself. Now everyone knows I do magic. Mission accomplished.
E. Hayden forgot his keys, so a good couple hours of the day was spent biking around, contacting. It was good, though. We ran into a few people he hadn't seen for a while, and set up some appointments.

While it was not the most "eventful" past four or so days, it has been quite the learning experience. I am starting to memorize scriptures again. Have any good ones for me?
OH! I tried something awesome. I turned a toaster on it's side, put a piece of bread with cheese on it on the bottom part, than a plain piece of bread on the top part. After a little bit, they both popped out, onto my plate, on top of each other. It was awesome. I will try to take a picture sometime.

Looking forward to read the letter. Feel better Ben!
Love you all,

Elder Summerhays


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