Another Week in the Mish'

March 11, 2013
Hey! people who are and aren't related to me,
Did you get my letter I sent out a bit ago? Let me know.
Tuesday we had dinner at a 7th Day Adventists home.  They have taken the lessons about 3 different times in 3 different places.  There's really nothing new we can teach them. We are relying on pure revelation to find something that will touch their hearts. They are a really awesome family. We are going to help them paint the inside of their house soon.
We were coming home from service, and saw two guys in their yard drinking beer.  I don't remember who started the conversation, but eventually the main guy we were talking with said "Hey, did you guys get your bikes stolen?" "How did you know?" "Oh, I'm Mr. Beaumont! I know everything that happens!" "Yeah, okay".   So he was pretty sketchy.  Funny guy though.  Colorful language.  He and his friend started asking us stupid questions that aren't appropriate to repeat-- just know it was slightly awkward, at least for us. He is going back to prison on Wednesday.  He said that if we could beat him in a game of chess, he would give us 30 minutes of his time.  Later that week, we prayed, and went to his house.  I haven't played chess for a year.  I lost.  He's good.  What else do you do in prison, I guess.  My comp will play him next time, though he's no better. I did blow his mind with some simple magic tricks though,  so no one-upping for him!

Still haven't met with John. One day...
Got into what I can a "respectful bash" with a Born Again. Nice guy, and he legitimately wanted to know what our church thought about certain things.  It didn't really go anywhere, but at least it was not as bad as a bash could have gone.
        Also, that day I drank about 8 glasses of limeade.  Lunch and dinner it was served.  So good.  Too much though.
I had an investigator read 13 chapters of the BoM in a day! We couldn't actually teach him this week, but we briefly checked on him to see how he was doing.  He had some good questions, such as what does "Yea" mean, why did God tell Nephi to chop off that guys head, and if it is okay to underline and highlight in the Book of Mormon.  He'll be baptized,  sooner or later.

I got a huge kink in my neck. I bought a knock-off Icy/Hot patch.  It was just hot.  I was really scared that I would take it off and discover some degree of burn.   I'm fine though.

We helped our neighbor with some yard work.  We were hoping to teach her more about our church.  We brought up the subject of religion. It turns out that she is a apart of Religious Science, or more frankly, a transcendentalist. 'God is in us, and we are in God'. She's about 50 something.  So no convincing her.  She did give us these massive lemons, though!

I gave a talk in church, and have gained a new testimony on the power of fasting. The morning of, I felt that I needed to fast. I really wanted to touch people's hearts. I was reminded of the story of the Sons of Mosiah. I forget specifically where the story is, but it pretty much said they spake with the power and authority of God through fasting and prayer. My talk was on Sharing the Gospel With Your Friends. I worked really hard on it. THE best talk I have ever given. I am now always going to prepare (at least) a day in advance for talks, and fast the morning of. I based my talk of the First presidency message in the Feb Ensign, though I added a lot of my own stuff.

Dinner that night was great, and I am glad to say that I got that family, or at least the husband, hooked on Sherlock. He thinks it's way better than Dexter, and he is a huge Dexter fan. He watched all the episodes in three days. Now I have someone to talk about the finale!

Today, I am going to do the Junkyard! There is a store called the Sandwich Stoppe, and is owned by a convert (7 years). He gives us 10% off! The Junkyard is about 2.5 pounds, and has something like two eggs, a giant layer of different types of sandwich meats, a couple patties, cheese, mayo, and other stuff. We are all doing it as a district.

That's pretty much it for here. Please send me letters or emails! Pictures greatly appreciated too!

Love you all,                       Elder Summerhays


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