Before I Go....

The month before leaving was a busy one filled with seeing family and friends. I met my family in Salt Lake City for Christmas and New Years. It was amazing to be together with both sides of the family. We had nearly every cousin there for what will likely be the last time as missions and weddings have started to scatter us. With 25 cousins on the Roberts and Summerhays, each, it was always a party where ever we went. I was lucky to be there for my cousin Tyler's homecoming from the Guadalajara Mexico Mission and it made me all the more excited to serve. Grandma Roberts treated all of us to a Flo Rider experience day after Christmas and I wore my swim suit for the last time for a couple of years. The annual Summerhays New Years Dance Bash did not disappoint and I really let it all go. It was hard to leave SLC knowing all I had to do in CT to prepare to leave for my mission. Lucky me, I flew home while my family drove the 2500 miles. Some of the highlights of the month were celebrating JJ's 8th birthday and then having the privilege of baptizing him the next Sunday after giving my farewell talk at church. My first baptism already! We had an open house afterwords and have definitely never had so many people in our house before. It was a great opportunity to say goodbye and thanks to so many of the people that helped prepare me for my mission. The following week I attended the Manhattan Temple where President gave me some mission advice. I was honored with my Eagle Scout Award (which I earned a year ago), and I was set apart as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by President Checketts. Some how during all this we managed to buy and organize and pack almost everything I would need for the next 2 years.
Eagle Scout!
See ya guys!
Had the privilege of baptizing my awesome little brother


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